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Why Carrie Bradshaw Is My Style Inspo for Literally Every Occasion

There was Charlotte, the old-fashioned romantic. And Samantha, who carried a man on her arm as frequently as a purse — then broke their hearts. Miranda was a hard-working lawyer. And then there was Carrie. 

As the only woman I know who could casually run errands in Manolo Blahniks, Carrie Bradshaw made high fashion more mainstream and remains one of the most iconic television characters for it. Even in 2020, she makes me want to kick back with my girl gang, flip through Vogue and drink all the cosmos. 

Especially as ’90s trends return, however, I’m more envious of Carrie’s closet. She defined the era with her heels, tutus and bold fashion decisions. When Mr. Big did her wrong, we could expect a big look from her, and when she was out to brunch with the girls, we could expect casual yet sleek morning attire. Every outfit donned by Carrie Bradshaw played into the show as much as her dialogue, and I’m here for it.

I thought it was fitting to go through Carrie’s most iconic looks to help me find an #ootd. As she said so famously, “I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.”

The OG



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I had to start off with a classic. This outfit, featured in the intro of the show, showcases the true Carrie — her curly hair, the tutu, the pink top, and of course, the heels. It reminds us that Carrie can truly pull off any look, and prepares us for the crazy ensembles we see in the show.




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The sunnies with the extravagant fur coats, combined with a baseball game and red SOLO cups, is what I aspire to look like at sporting events from now on. And while I know this is a tribute to Carrie, I actually prefer Samantha’s sunnies. So chic! 

Floral Chic



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Remember when Carrie was a model and she served us this look? I mean, how could we forget? This number fits perfectly on Carrie, and I love the square neckline. The flower accents make this look perfect for a summer night.

Extra, but in a Good Way



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OG Carrie is back at it again with the tutus. While I would have preferred this look with some cool sneakers and minimalist jewelry, Carrie rocks the cowl neck and stacks of pearls. I like that she paired her lip color to her top, too. 

Say My Name, Say My Name



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Nothing is more ’90s than bedazzled tank tops, except for bedazzled tank tops with your name on them. This top is essentially the bolder way of introducing yourself to the world. Catch me with a bedazzler later this week. 

Suits Me



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Okay, I’ll admit, the bottoms are a bit strange, but I still love this menswear-inspired look. The matching set, combined with the white striped top, is super cute — and don’t forget the newsboy cap. Is this what a summer power suit looks like? I might have to find out for myself. 




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Yee-haw! Carrie proves that cowgirl hats are 100% a look. I love the hat paired with the cropped button-up, but I’m also not skipping over Miranda’s business-casual look — honestly, my two moods. 

Fine Print



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This look definitely ranks higher than most for me. The newspaper print combined with the slip dress (a trend I’m literally obsessed with) makes this outfit perfect for going out on the town. You could even dress it down with sneakers. I’m literally begging for someone to dupe this, ASAP.

Headscarf Royalty



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Literally wearing this look tomorrow (because I don’t want to wash my hair). I love this look for the headscarf, but also for the fact that the headscarf is bedazzled with a crown. I wasn’t kidding earlier when I said I would break out the bedazzler. 

What I’m taking away from this is that tutus may come back into style, I need a bedazzler, and you can dress up literally any look with the right heels. Even though I think I’m a good mix of Samantha and Miranda, I might have to start being more of a Carrie for the sake of fashion. 

Maya is a senior majoring in journalism at Boston University. She has previously written with College Fashionista as an editorial fellow and FASE Magazine as a fashion editorial intern. Passionate about writing, thrift shopping, memes, skin care, and binge-watching Broad City.