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10 DIY Statement Necklaces

A great statement necklace has the power to make any outfit much more interesting, and with just a little craftiness and creativity, you can stay stylish while saving cash.  Last week we showed you 10 cute DIY bracelets, so now we’re going bigger and bolder with 10 DIY statement necklaces that are sure to turn heads!


1.  Sparkling Bib Necklace


2. Fringe Necklace


3. Braided Necklace


4. Geometric Tile Necklace


5. Washer Necklace


6. Tiered Copper Necklace


7. Bird’s Nest Necklace


8. Sequined Chain Necklace


9.  Geometric Diamond Necklace


10. Woven Chain Necklace


Allie Sutherland is an Architecture Student and Alpha Phi sister in the Syracuse University class of 2015. http://alliesutherland.com/
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