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Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Whether you are spending the day studying for final exams or whether you are partying all day long, you MUST not forget the importance of festivity.  Here are 10 fashionable ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style!

1. Off the shoulder white top, $29.99

This off the shoulder white top is perfect for Cinco De Mayo…. and the rest of spring, too!  Get it at Urban Trading on Amazon for $29.99.

2. Long colorful skirt, $16.53

This skirt from Fashion 4 Us is only $16.53!  It also comes in gold, red, beige, black, and green.
3. Side bun with a rose or ribbons

Take it from Rachel McAdams, and add some braids into your bun for some extra spice.

4. Huarache sandals, $39

These sandals are super trendy for summer, and they come in green, white, brass, mustard, and coral!  Get them at Urban Outfitters for $39!  Free returns, too! 

5. Large black moustache, $1

Go to the local Party City or Dollar Tree for stick-on moustaches.  These will make any outfit instantly more festive.  I promise.

6. Sombrero, $9.99

This is one of the cuter sombreros I’ve found, and it’s only $9.99 on Amazon. 

7. Cowgirl boots, $59.99

When buying cowboy/cowgirl boots it’s usually best to buy real leather.  You don’t want them looking like plastic rainboots.  Check out these from Sheplers for only $59.99!

8.  Mexican Poncho, FREE!

Check out this site to make your very own D.I.Y. poncho!   It’s super easy!

9. Embroidered dress, $32

These hand embroidered dresses are available in assorted colors, and you can request specific colors in your order!  Check them out at Saddle Blanket for only $32!

10. Crimson red lips

Red lips are the “cherry” on top of your Cinco de Mayo “sundae.”  Watch this video to see How to Get the Perfect Red Lips!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  I hope you celebrate in collegiette™ style!  Leave a comment below with YOUR plans for celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

I'm a fashion-obsessed Business major at William and Mary.   I'm currently studying abroad at the London College of Fashion!  I am the President of HC W&M!  I love the ocean, working out, and extreme couponing.  This summer I interned with Marie Claire in NYC-- my dream internship!   Get to know me more on my fashion/style blog, "All Dolled Up"--->  www.dylanmaureen.blogspot.com
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