This Is the Type Of Guy I'm Ready For

I’ve gotten to a point where I’m just so sick and tired of the modern dating scene—of Tinder, unsolicited dick pics and phrases like “Call me daddy.” I'm tired of guys who string you along and then bail at the first sign of commitment. I'm sick of over-complicated, immature, short-term relationships that fizzle out as quickly as they began. I’ve gotten to a point where all I can think is, “Why even bother?”

So, to the next guy that walks up to me at the bar: Ask me my name before feebly attempting to grind your crotch against my ass (or at least look me in the eye first). To the next guy that matches me on Tinder: Understand that cheesy pickup lines only work on me when they’re dripping in sarcasm. (You can’t take yourself seriously and ask me if I’m from Tennessee at the same time.)

I’m ready for someone who knows there’s a time and place to kiss me but never forgets to reach for my hand. I'm ready for the one who can make me feel a million different things just from a single look and whose presence can instantly make me feel at ease and whose kiss makes me forget there’s anything wrong in the first place.

I’m ready for the guy who lets me be the little spoon when we’re watching movies together but knows I hate cuddling when it’s time to sleep, the one who doesn’t get mad when I take all the good pillows or steal all the blankets and the one who will wrap his arm around me when he is half-asleep (and carry on unphased when I shove them off again).

I’m ready for the guy who I can be proud of when I introduce him to my family. I'm ready for the guy who is always down for a game of cards—the one who isn’t afraid to tease my father back or go shot-for-shot with my step-mom. I’m ready for the guy who understands that family means everything to me and won’t be annoyed when I just want to sit on the couch and hang out with them instead of hiding away in my room.

I’m ready for the guy who can take care of me. I'm ready for the one who knows how stubbornly independent I am and who understands when I need help without making me ask for it. I don't want him to just fix things for me, but I want him to teach me how to fix them for myself. I'm ready for the one that I can rely on.

I’m ready for the type of guy that is always there—the type of guy that loves his family and has goals for his life and can hold a conversation with my sister even if I leave the room. I'm ready for the guy who will ask me about my day and actually care about the answer. I'm ready for the guy who will keep me grounded and who will put in effort to know everything about me. I'm ready for the guy who will never leave.