Collegiettes Weigh In: The Biggest Lessons We Learned From Our Past Relationships

Whether your last relationship ended on good terms or on the rougher side of things, break-ups are difficult on everyone involved. But there’s a lesson to be learned here among all the hard nights and pep talks with your girlfriends. So instead of writing off your last relationship as a complete waste of time, check out what these collegiettes learned from their most recent break-ups, and consider yourself the wiser for it.

Don’t neglect your friendships

“I learned from my last relationship to never put a guy before of my friends. Guys come and go, but friends are forever.” –Kimberly, The College of New Jersey ‘13

Cheaters never win

“One LIFE lesson I've learned from relationships: Never forgive a cheater... or less you won't be able to forgive yourself for letting someone back in your life who betrayed your trust.” -Sidney, Hofstra University ‘14

Communication is key

“The first lesson was a loss of communication; we stopped expressing our feelings towards each other until they grew too big to contain, and then it was one big blowout resulting in a break-up. The second lesson was resentment.” -Nicole, George Washington University ‘13

Love yourself

“If there is one thing that I have learned from my past relationship it is that if you aren't comfortable, confident, and happy with yourself you will not be happy in a relationship.
If you aren't happy and confident with yourself, do not jump into a relationship and hope it will make these feelings change. You will just end up hurting your significant other because he will think it is his fault and that he cannot make you happy.” -Leta, Purdue University ‘12

“Know that you always deserve to be treated well and with respect, no excuses.” -Elyssa, Carnegie Mellon University ‘10

“Make yourself happy first.” -Beth, Clemson University ‘14

“I would say the biggest lesson learned for me is make sure you are happy, be honest with yourself. I was in a relationship where I felt if I broke up with the guy he would stop trying to succeed, so I continued in the relationship. It finally got to the point where I was extremely unhappy, my friends where sick of it, so they stopped hanging out with me and my parents and my relationship was the worst it had ever been. Breaking up with him was hard because I do still care about his well-being, but it was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. So, moral of the story a relationship is suppose to make both partners happy, if you aren't happy get out of that situation it will be better in the end.” -Chelsea, Oklahoma State University ‘14