14 'Get You a Man Who' Tweets That Will Make Every Girl in a Relationship Say, 'As If'

If you have a Twitter account, there’s a good chance you’ve seen your fair share of #GetYouAManWho tweets. And if you’re a girl who’s in a relationship, you’ve probably looked at some of those tweets and haven’t been able to relate. Here are 14 tweets that will make every girl in a relationship say, "As if!"

1. This guy who let this happen without any complaints

2. This guy who had the right reaction to his girl's outfit

3. This trooper who started watching a series with his girlfriend

As much as you love your boyfriend, you just don't have the patience to wait for him to watch the next episode for six whole seasons.

4. This text that was once a regular thing

Now you just send each other memes (which is equally cool).

5. This thoughtful boyfriend

6. This slightly unrealistic expectation

7. This guy who not only knows the difference between mascara and eyeliner but can also do a full face of makeup

You would be proud if your boyfriend would come back with the correct makeup product when you send him to the store, tbh.

8. This more realistic scenario

9. This guy who's setting the bar high for all the other boyfriends out there

10. This guy who knows what a good breakfast looks like

11. This guy who knows the way to his girlfriend's heart

12. This couple who is actual goals

You can't remember the last time you and your boyfriend skipped pizza and Netflix, tbh.

13. This dude who's woke AF

14. And lastly, this guy who knows food is the way to go

Take notes, guys.