Your Complete Freshman Year Love Guide: How to Deal With Every Possible Situation

Scenario #4: “I stayed with my boyfriend from high school, but he is being distant. I want to make it work.”
If you notice that your boyfriend is being distant upon your arrival at school, it could be for a number of reasons. He could be overwhelmed by the new surroundings, worried about staying faithful, scared of a serious commitment, or even just busy with his new classes and activities. “You may find the transition from high school to college as challenging as it is exciting,” says Dunn. “Having to simultaneously switch gears in your relationship may cause this new chapter in your life to be significantly more overwhelming.” Your best bet is to talk to him about it – don’t accuse him of not being interested in you anymore, though. Instead, explain that you really miss him and feel like you’re becoming disconnected as a couple. Then ask if he wants to have a date-night where you can talk and reconnect. And finally, listen to what he says! If he’s needing space, give it to him. “My mom always told me this: boys are like rubber bands, let them stretch out and have their space, and eventually they’ll come springing back,” says Liz, a student at the University of Missouri. “I gave my boyfriend all the space in the world, and soon enough he was missing me like crazy!”

Scenario #5: “I met an amazing guy during the first week of school, and now we are together. But now it seems like too much too soon.”
It’s great that you met someone that you feel connected to already, but yes, it probably is too soon to start a relationship. As a freshman, you need time to yourself to really immerse yourself in school and find your niche on campus. While you should definitely still spend time with this person – after all, you do have fun with him – you should also probably remain single. “I always jump into relationships, and I met a guy during orientation as a freshman,” says Taylor, a student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. “We had a great time together, but I knew I had to be alone for a while or else I would be overwhelmed.” Let him know that you are open to the idea of dating in the future, but you want some time to get to know each other first. If you don’t explore other options, you will never know what you like! Give the relationship some time to develop so that you will have a strong foundation if and when you decide to be together in the future.

Scenario #6: “I hooked up with a senior guy at a party, and now he won’t respond to my texts.”
Unfortunately, a lot of older guys love to take advantage of freshman girls. While he may have seemed into you at the party, he probably only wanted to hook up. Many upperclassmen guys hit on freshman girls only with the intention of hooking up and then ditching them. My best advice is to stop trying to contact him and pretend he doesn’t exist. He probably likes the idea of a young admirer, and you are only feeding his ego. Instead, ignore him if you see him on campus, don’t call or text him, and try to forget you ever met him. He will either never contact you again or he will be intrigued by your lack of interest in him and maybe even contact you. Either way, you’re the one in control, and you will have salvaged your dignity!