The Top 10 Movie Kisses

Wish as we may, our own lip-locking endeavors might never rival those of Hollywood. But while we’re waiting for our perfect kiss, let’s review ten of the best movie smooches.

The Kiss in the Rain: Allie and Noah in The Notebook

What does angry passion, sexual tension, 365 unanswered letters and a completely sudden and unrealistic downpour make for? One of Hollywood’s most iconic kissing scenes of the past decade, of course. Though The Notebookhas plenty of other sweet smooches, nothing can top the raw desire that had Allie and Noah working their way to the bedroom for the hanky panky they (and we) had been waiting for the entire movie. (Watch it here!)

The Upside Down Kiss: Peter and Mary Jane in Spiderman

After years of watching countless rom coms, we know by now there’s no better way to thank your love interest than with a kiss. Up the ante with some superhero powers, and you get the topsy turvy Spiderman embrace that had viewers swooning — and secretly practicing in an attempt to figure out the logistics of the kiss. The idea has been replicated time and time again. While The O.C.’s nerd-tastic version came pretty close to perfect, the Spidey powers of the original just can’t be beat. (Watch it here!)

The “I’m Flying” Kiss: Rose and Jack in Titanic

Like many movie kisses, Rose and Jack’s first kiss on the bow of the Titanic had a trifecta of romantic things going for it. After all, how could a Celine Dion backtrack, a vibrant sunset and feelings of euphoric, impractical qualities not lead to big screen magic? It’s the stuff that mushy, feel-good dreams are made of. We’ll be forever indebted to the movie and this kiss for giving us the sense that nothing can stop two people in love. (Watch it here!)

The Kiss on the Lips: Edward and Vivian in Pretty Woman

A prostitute wooed by a rich client is enough cause for cinematic fireworks. But, a prostitute who breaks all her rules to fall in love with said client? Well, that’s just pure gold. Vivian’s a lovable hooker (yes, it’s possible) who does her, ahem, job with one rule: no kissing on the lips. An hour or so and a couple skipped heartbeats later, and the tough gal finally lets down her walls enough for some lip-to-lip action. And every guarded girl finally began believing in true love. (Watch it here!)