Quiz: What's Your Flirting Style and What Do Guys Think of It?

The Flirting Moves that Drive Him Wild...

No matter what your go-to style is it doesn’t hurt to switch things up. Read on to learn some of the flirting moves guys can’t resist and try one out on your next target when he least expects it.

“When a girl looks me dead in the eyes, smiles, grabs my hand and we walk away so she can whisper something in my ear so that only I can hear it.” –Anonymous, San Diego State University
“I like when a girl leads me somewhere by my hand, or when she whispers something to me close to my face. Too close to just be talking, cheek touching cheek, talking to me.” –Peter, University of Iowa
“A gentle smile, nothing too overt, but casual glances that become more frequent throughout the night that eventually lead up to the talk. Honestly, flirting seems like a game to me and I don't like games.” –Phil, Ohio University
“Saying hello. Asking me questions about what I'm doing. Putting up with me.” –Bryan, University of Southern California*
“My favorite is when she gives me those I want you eyes and then bites her lip a little. Seriously, what more can a guy ask for?” –Shaun, University of Iowa
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*Names and schools have been changed.
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