How to Find Someone to Kiss on New Years

During the holidays there are a million and one things that serve as constant, nagging reminders that we single girls are, well, still single. To really drive the point home, the season culminates with New Years, a holiday practically built around a special kiss as soon as the clock strikes twelve. Yet here we are: 60 percent of the 60 girls HC polled, dateless on New Years, looking to nab a smooch from someone special. Mom and Dad, we love you, but a kiss atop our heads from you two just isn’t going to cut it this year.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of a few of the best ways for you to find a guy to kiss this New Years with expert advice from matchmaker Marla Martenson. So get your sparkliest dress, highest heels, and flirtiest smile ready to welcome the new year with these awesome options.

Challenge: Create a Facebook Group

Face it: we all spend a lot of time on Facebook, whether we admit to it or not, so we might as well benefit from it, right? Create a group ASAP so everyone can begin making arrangements, invite all your single friends with (soon-to-change) dateless New Years plans, and let the matchmaking ensue! Can you imagine how fun it will be when all of the cyber flirting leads to the chance for in-person flirting come New Years? The anticipation and nerves will no doubt end in an amazing night topped off with an equally amazing kiss.

Marla Says: To keep the amount of girls and guys equal, have each person invite a friend of the opposite sex to join the Facebook group.

Challenge: Call Up Your High School Fling

Most of us will be home for the New Year so if you ended things with your ex on good terms and he’s still single, why not give him a call? The great part about going out with a guy you’ve previously dated is that you already know the two of you will have a blast together. Just because you aren’t a couple though doesn’t mean you have no excuse to get all gussied up. Show him the same respect you would any other date, spend some time getting ready, and watch his jaw drop when he picks you up. Relive the fun times you spent together breaking curfew and IM-ing until 2 a.m. and create some new ones as you welcome the new year! As midnight rolls around pucker up and let the night lead to an exciting conclusion.

Marla Says: Keep in mind that you are both different people than you were in high school, so don't feel bad if the date doesn’t turn into a long-term thing. Just enjoy the moment and ring in the new year with a bang!