How to Do Naughty Things the Nice Girl Way

Every girl embraces her inner badass and does some naughty things now and then — like refilling your Slurpee before checkout, masterfully rearranging the pillows on the couch after your little coffee spill, or “forgetting” to return your roomie’s super cute shirt until she actually asks about it. 

Then there are the times when you’re feeling really badass and want to do some really naughty things. Things that are so naughty you vow not to tell anyone except your diary and your dog. Things such as having sex in public, keeping a hook-up list, or taking pictures (sans clothing) for your special someone.     

So how do you do naughty things the nice girl way (without getting kicked out of school, having your face and naughty bits plastered all over the internet, or ending up in jail)? With stories from the brave collegiettes™ who’ve attempted the following naughty acts and juicy tips from sex therapist Dr. Karen Stewart, Her Campus has the goods to tell you how to be bad (but not too bad).

Have Sex in Public

You’ve seen it in the movies. You’ve heard rumors of the spot to do it on campus. What are you waiting for? “It is normal for every couple to want to spice things up in their relationship, and many think, what better way than to do it in a different place!” says Dr. Stewart.

“While experimenting with having sex in public can be exhilarating, daring and more interesting, it is important to think of the consequences. Getting arrested for public nudity or indecent exposure is a true mood killer,” she warns.

Every collegiette could use a little spice in her relationship, but penalties for getting caught in the act can range from a warning to a small fine to probation. Spontaneous as you’d like it to be, having sex in public requires a bit of preparation. But trust us. A little planning won’t take away from any of the excitement. 

Approach the subject with your guy, and decide on the time and place you’d like to do the deed. Keep in mind the amount of traffic the area gets and during what times of the day. Complete seclusion isn’t necessary (the possibility of getting caught is part of what makes this so hot—you just don’t want to actually get caught,) but peak study hour at the library during finals is probably not the best decision.

Once it’s go time, wear the skirt or dress that drives your boyfriend wild with nothing underneath. He’ll get worked up in seconds, making this encounter a quick one, lessening the chance of getting caught.  Make sure one of you brings a condom, and go for a standing-up position (like from behind) so you can break things up quickly if you hear anyone approaching.  Don’t expect the sex to be great or even good, because there won’t be much or any foreplay and it will be rushed, and neither of you can make any noise—attempting this is just about the thrill of the experience, if you dare.

Oops, I Did It Again: “Spring Break, freshman year, my boyfriend and I snuck out of the beach house we were staying in with friends and headed to the beach. It was after midnight so you could barely see anything, but we stayed near the dunes, laid out a towel to keep sand away from our exposed areas, and we had sex.” –Mia*

Make a Sex Tape

Just because this didn’t go so well for Paris and Kim doesn’t mean it will be a disaster for everyone. Being extremely cautious could prevent dreadful results. “After counseling many women about their feelings after their boyfriends exposed their sex tapes, I can firmly say don't do it unless you keep the only copies,” Dr. Stewart advises.

A tarnished reputation and utter public humiliation are not on a nice girl’s bucket list. Just think: Grandma would never look at you the same, your boss wouldn’t think twice about snatching that job out from under your feet, and some potential boyfriends could be scared off by your indiscretion.

Even if your boyfriend is the one to suggest doing this, take control of the situation. And, ladies, he should be a trusted figure in your life for quite some time before ever agreeing to film yourselves getting it on. Without getting too in depth (sex should be passionate not technical), discuss the basic guidelines of this cinematic feat: length of the filming, positioning of the camera, sound or no sound, etc.

When details have been arranged, set up your own camera or laptop, and get taping. Watch the tape together for reasons previously agreed upon — foreplay, critique, pure interest — and then get rid of it—immediately. There’s no sense in hanging on to a ticking time bomb like a sex tape, when you can simply make another one should the urge ever arise again.

If you sense any hesitation or suspicious behavior on his part because of your requests to be in charge, speak up and clear the air, and/or halt all plans before going forth. While the choice of making a sex tape needs to be a joint one, the repercussions often fall solely on the female.

Oops, I Did It Again: “My guy was a film major, so obviously this came up. We made one using my camera, and then we watched it together. It was pretty hot! I'd never want that kind of footage lying around, though, so we made sure to delete it immediately after we watched it.” –Kendall*