Collegiettes' Craziest, Funniest Walk of Shame Stories

You wake up in an unknown bed wearing last night’s clothes—or worse, wearing nothing at all. You turn to your side and see the body of a guy you might have just met the night before (sadly, he’s not as cute as he looked via your drunk goggles). Your mouth is dry, your eyes are burning, and your head is pounding—you’d do anything for a tall glass of water, a pair of comfy pjs, and a ride home. But chances are, the dreaded walk of shame stands between you and all those things. You’re not alone, we’ve all been there. Read on to hear about other collegiettes’ crazy, funny, or just plain weird walks of shame.

From sequin minis to clown costumes, we always seem to be wearing outfits that were not intended for wearing in broad daylight.
“My best walk of shame was after an 80's party. I had to walk halfway across campus in the morning in zebra print leggings and a pink tube top, carrying my heels. It was snowing and I walked by three tours.” - Sarah, Michigan State University
"So this didn’t happen to me, but I witnessed it. Freshman year my room had the perfect view of all the other freshman dorms. One Sunday around lunchtime, I happened to glance out the window. It was pouring outside, like bad New England style with puddles everywhere. Then I noticed this girl walking to the dorm directly in front of mine. She had a black mini skirt on, one heel (the other was in her hand), and a glittery tank-top. Her hair had probably been in a clean stylish up-do the night before, but it looked like she hadn't brushed her hair in 3 days. She had a purse in the other hand and I'm pretty sure her skirt was twisted sideways. The poor girl was trampling home in the rain, midday. The humiliation! I guarantee I was not the only person watching.” - Marion, Boston College

“I went to a Halloween party dressed like a sexy clown, partied a little too hard, and slept over my boyfriend at the time's dorm room. Needless to say, I had to do the walk of shame with a smeared red nose, striped socks, a super short polka dot dress and heels in hand. Not my proudest moment!” - Claire, Penn State University

”During my freshman year (obviously, my most shameful year in terms of hook-ups), for some reason I would only ever have to do the walk-of-shame when it was either raining or after a themed costume party. This being said, my worst walk-of-shame ever was the ever-feared November 1st: the morning after Halloween. I had gone out as a not-so-innocent Alice in Wonderland, and regretfully made the decision to stay the night at my current hook-up's dorm. The next morning, not only was it freezing outside, but it was also pouring down rain, thus leaving me no choice. Yes, I borrowed my hook-up's rain-coat which, as you can imagine, was longer than my costume, forcing me to traipse across campus seemingly naked to onlookers.” - Chloe, New York University

“It was the weekend before my birthday and my friends and I were out celebrating at a club. I ended up going home with a guy and begged him for a ride home in the morning when I realized how far away his place was from mine. He said no so I began my birthday walk of shame with a tiara in hand. Halfway back to my place, I ran into a girl who was wearing an oversized men’s tee and carrying her high heels. I laughed, smiled, and said “good, you too.” We instantly bonded. I was happy to hear she didn’t even think I was on a walk of shame. This poor girl was so embarrassed and ashamed but I think I helped ease her nerves by chatting about our nights, our majors, and life in general. Lucky for her she only had to walk about a block, I on the other hand, had to walk all the way across campus. I almost wore my birthday tiara from the night before just to spice things up a bit. Imagine the stares I would have gotten!” - Megan, University of Southern California

Humiliation Saving Tip #1: Bring a change of clothes if you think you’re going to spend the night out. 
If you don’t plan these things (most of us don’t), ask the guy if you can borrow a pair of sweats. At the very least, wash the smeared makeup off your face and tame the wild post-hook-up hair.