College Students Weigh In: Where I've Hooked Up On Campus

Ah, the age old question: “So, your place or mine?” While it’s always fun to rendezvous in the bedroom, there are times when every girl needs to spice it up a little -- especially when you have an angry roommate who doesn’t want to be ‘sexiled’ one more time. So where do you go on campus to hook up? We asked collegiettes™ and ‘colle-gents’ from across the country to give us the scoop, and narrowed it down to the top five. Your bedroom won’t look so inviting after you read this!

WARNING: Hook up at your own risk!

1. The Library
You may not know it yet ladies, but the library is for more than just studying…

“My boyfriend and I love to hook up in the library. It all started during finals week last year when he was really stressed. I wanted to distract him for a few minutes, so I showed up at the library and dragged him between two bookcases. We had to be pretty quiet, but it was worth it! The idea of getting busted made it so much hotter, and now every study session comes with a sexy reminder of what we did!” –Brittany, Florida State University
“I think nearly every guy is turned on by the naughty school girl fantasy, so one night I decided to reenact it for my boyfriend. We were studying at my sorority house, but it was getting too loud to focus. I told my boyfriend I wanted to go to the library, and when we got there, I slid him a note saying to meet me in one of the private study rooms. They’re still fairly visible, and I hadn’t reserved one so we weren’t sure if someone was going to show up, but that made it even better. It was such a rush!– Katie, Georgetown University
“I had been hooking up with this guy for a while, and I wanted to keep things hot. We were sitting next to each other at the library, and I was wearing a skirt. To grab his attention, I started to slide it up – he definitely noticed! Soon we were both ready for some action, and we started to hook up under the table. It was naughty, and I’m sure some people saw, but it definitely kept things spicy!” – Hannah, University of San Diego