BroApp Texts Guys' GFs for Them so They Can Spend More Time With Their Bros

Thanks to BroApp, aka the most bro thing to ever happen, guys will no longer have to deal with the responsibility of texting their girlfriends.

According to the BroApp FAQs, the Android app will automatically send personal messages to your girlfriend so that you don't have to. Guys simply have to install the app, enter the name and phone number of their girlfriend and then select messages to send on certain days and times. 

Some of the pre-selected messages include:

  • "Hey babe, how was your day?"
  • "Miss you :)" 
  • "Hey babe, just leaving work now" 

The "clever relationship wingman" was created by two 29-year-old Australians known as Tom and James, who call it the perfect download for "any Bro looking to enhance their relationship." To prevent girlfriends from figuring out that the messages are automated, the creators added several built-in precautions. For example, the app will cancel a scheduled message if the couple has texted or called each other in the past hour, and will also stop sending messages if the guy is logged in to his girlfriend's Wi-Fi network.

BroApp also includes a "girlfriend safety lock down" mode, which prevents girls from opening the app by redirecting them to a list of gifts that her boyfriend was "planning to buy her." 

Although the app seems likely to backfire, the creators insist they have been successful during their trials. "We used it successfully for three months as a trial and our partners had no idea," Tom told TODAY. "Personally, my partner was impressed that I would write her a message even though we were going to see each other that night."

The app is currently available for Android users, with an Apple version coming out soon. According to TODAY, the creators have also received many requests for a female version of the app, which would be called "SisterApp." 

Our opinion? Google Play's content rating of "low maturity" couldn't be more accurate.