8 Great Second Date Ideas

Hold a Movie Marathon

We know - movies have long held the title of biggest dating don’t. It may hinder conversation in public, but that’s not the case in the comfort of your own home. At home, you’re free to chat, smooch and snuggle without fear of wasting ten bucks or having angry “shhhh”s directed your way for two hours. Pick out a few movies that you’ve either seen before or don’t require your devout attention. Some awfully unrealistic slasher films from decades past are good for laughs and a great excuse to get thiscloseto him. Or, treat one another to a special showing of your favorite flicks. Some flirty teasing about each other’s bad taste in movies is the perfect prelude to a playful kiss. Be sure to carefully craft your proposal. The classic, “Do you want to come over and watch a movie?” line can carry some different connotations, if you know what we mean. Try something playful and straightforward like, “I think it would be fun to have a movie marathon tonight! Why don’t you choose one, and I’ll choose another. May the best movie win!”

Experience a New Culture

Every city has a few foreign enclaves sprinkled throughout it. Indulge in some hand-tossed pizza in Little Italy or purchase some unspecified meat and paper party poppers in Chinatown. An unplanned date in an unknown area will test his ability to go with the flow and give you two a chance to experience something different together. If you already know your date is the silly type, make a fun bet: who can find the funniest souvenir for less than 10 bucks. It’s good for a laugh, and if the relationship turns into something more serious, you’ll have some great (and super unique) memorabilia to hold onto!

Go to Breakfast

If you’re just not ready to break out of your comfort zone and are jonesing to grab a bite with your love interest, head to breakfast rather than lunch or dinner. Quite possibly the yummiest and most overlooked meal, the early morning meet-up will feel much more casual than a fancier feast later in the day. Throw on an easy pair of jeans with a sexy T-shirt and au naturel hair and makeup. Stick to a light coat of mascara, a swipe of blush and some no-fuss bedhead waves. Without having stressed and worried about the date all day long, your conversation should come more easily. If the flirt (and mimosas, maybe!) are flowing and you aren’t ready to call it a day, you and your date can easily extend the fun for a few more hours.

Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

You know those dates on The Bachelor filled with extreme activities and corny metaphors about taking a plunge or reaching new heights together? There’s something to be said about facing fears as a couple. Steal the idea and get your heart racing — minus the sappy asides to the camera crew. See how well he’s able to calm your nerves in tense situations. Check to see if your school has an outdoor or adventure club with activities like white water rafting and zip lining. Or look up a nearby place to bungee jump or skydive, and allow yourself to fall head over heels in love. (We couldn’t resist!)

Make it a Double

Sometimes the burden of being alone and having to entertain each other all night long is too hard to bear. Solution: invite another couple to tag along. Bring a friend with a boyfriend who’ll surely get along with your date. Having someone who you’re completely comfortable around will allow you to open up and act goofy in front of the guy you’re trying to impress. Be sure to choose your double couple wisely, though. A super serious duo might freak your date out and make him feel a little uneasy. But a bickering, ready to break-up couple could put a huge damper on the night.