8 Great Second Date Ideas

So you nailed the first date? Congrats! Well done. Please, accept our virtual pat on the back.

Searching for Mr. Right can be exhausting, and progressing past Step One is an exciting feat. You’ve moved past the nervous, self-doubting, nail-biting phase of first date jitters onto the eyelash-batting, excessive-texting, Facebook-stalking period which leads up to the second meeting. But along with your emotions, your date ideas must also graduate and move up a rung on the proverbial ladder of love.

You see, a second date should grant you two some time to talk, experience new things and get to know each other better. The pressure of the first date is gone, but you don’t want to get too comfortable (read: perusing Her Campus’s archives on your laptop while he plays video games) or too fancy (read: a dolled- up dinner at a 5-star restaurant) just yet.

So if we may be so bold, here are some ideas. Take them and you’ll be well on your way to the cake-tasting, honeymoon-planning, baby-naming pre-third date stage (just kidding).

Have a Picnic

Seemingly simple? Yes, no contest to that. But you’ll actually find out some fun little facts about one another that you’ll be able to read into and overanalyze all night with your girlfriends — truly one of the most amusing (and silly) parts of a budding relationship. For example, is he a manly roast beef hoagie kind of guy or a healthy turkey and spinach wrap dude? Is he on top of trends with stylish aviators or a classic “I could care less what shields my sexy baby blues from the sun” rims-wearer? Maybe these kinds of inconsequential truths aren’t at the top of your must-know list, but slow down there, Speed Racer. It’s just the second date. Don’t rule this idea out altogether due to some chilly weather or a lack of location. Watching the sunset from the front seat of your car or devouring a gourmet spread on your living room floor can be just as romantic as frolicking in the middle of a grassy meadow.

Take in a Comedy Show

Food may be the way to a man’s heart, but laughter is certainly a close second. Relieve yourself of the pressure to be hilarious (though we know you can be), and leave it to the professionals struggling wannabe actors. Depending on what kinds of jokes he laughs at, you’ll get a good taste of what his sense of humor and interests are. Plus, is there anything better than listening to the guy you like giggle? Both of you will leave the show with a smile on your face, and plenty of topics of conversation should you want to cap off the night with a coffee or ice cream (Hint: nighttime treats are always recommended). Do a quick Google search for “comedy shows in your city” and give your date a choice of two or three options that you find so he can have a say in how the night unfolds.

Visit a Haunted House

Let’s be honest: a good portion of the beginning of any relationship is spent coming up with excuses to snuggle up to your date. Visiting a haunted house or local spooky spot will no doubt provide you with many, many instances to get your guy’s arms wrapped around you. Doing something frightening together will also build up your trust for one another. After all, if your date can save you from zombies and chainsaw-wielding men, is there anything he can’t do? Look online for some scary locales near you, and get ready to get your heart pumping.