7 Summer Double Dates To Go On

Double dates are a great way to have fun with other couples, meet new people and set up a less intense playing field if you’re just getting interested in someone. Regardless, you know (and hopefully enjoy) someone in the group, so you’ll have their company to fall back on. If you’re going on a double date with someone you don’t know for a friend, it’s the perfect opportunity to play wingwoman. Having others around takes off some of the pressure, and you will probably have even more fun with a group!

We’ve compiled a list of several go-to double date ideas that are tried and true, as well as some that are a little out there to spice things up! Read on for some great ideas for your next date.

1. Brunch

Everyone (especially millennials) loves brunch. You have the best of all possible worlds—breakfast/lunch food and even alcohol! It’s an energetic environment that forces everyone to act casual and get to know each other.

"I recently went on a double date for brunch and we ended up staying at the restaurant for four hours!” says Autumn Dube, a senior at Emmanuel College. Brunch is easy because it doesn’t have to be that long, but if things are going well, it’s a great opportunity to extend the date, especially since it’s early in the day!

“Our server loved us and we had the best time sharing stories and trying different tapas,” says Autumn. “We ended up staying so long that our server's shift was over and she took rounds of shots with us at the table after. It's definitely a memory I'm happy to have." See? Four is a party!

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2. Amusement park or carnival

There’s no way an amusement park date can be boring, even if the person you’re paired up with is. There are tons of activities, from rides to games to park food, so if you’re up for a full day, go for it!

Everyone can let out their inner kid at an amusement park, and you’ll get to see if your date is an adrenaline junkie or on the calmer side. There’s a lot you can tell if a person picks the highest-climbing roller coaster there or the easygoing train ride.

Make this double date-friendly by planning a scavenger hunt in the amusement park or carnival. Each couple has to take a piece of a character’s costume, get a picture with someone doing flame tricks, etc.

3. Trivia and other bar games

Bar games are the perfect activity for competitive bonding, and you’ll also get to see your date’s true nature come out when they’re trying to win!

Set up a trivia night or a board game tournament at a local bar, movie theater or at someone’s house or apartment for easygoing fun. Some venues might even have themes—time to whip out that 70s outfit you’ve been putting together forever.

“My best friend from home really wants to set up a double date to Dave & Busters after I turn 21!” says Amanda Goecke, a junior at Carthage College. “Both of our boyfriends are really into video games, and we thought it’d be fun for them to bond over games while we enjoyed drinks.”

Teaming up for games like trivia, pool or other board games that a bar or restaurant might set up is a great test of your compatibility and chemistry with your date, and will give you a good idea of their interests and passions, too. Set up a competition against the other couple you’re out with to really make things interesting! May the best couple win.

4. Picnic

Picnics are adorable. It’s that simple. And no one ever goes on them anymore—you’ll get major originality points. This is a great summer idea, and there’s probably fun events going on at your local parks—cookouts, movie screenings, concerts and more await!

You can also spread out some of the work among a larger group of people. Give everyone an item to bring (food, music, games) so that not one person has to do all the work or coordination.

Consider encouraging people to bring a meaningful dish (an old family recipe, their favorite prepared dish from a local deli) that will get the conversation going among the larger group. You can get a chance to see if your date is any good in the kitchen and demonstrate your skills, too!

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5. Mini golf or bowling

These are first date classics. They’re low stakes (unless someone gets aggressively competitive) and shouldn’t be too expensive either. Pretty much anything where teaming up against another couple can happen (lasertag, paintball, etc.) is a good move!

“Four people is enough for a good time, but not too much that it’s crowding the course,” says Jasmine Yadeta, a junior at the University of Victoria. “Also offers a lot of opportunity for flirting, getting a little competitive. Basically the perfect recipe for an amazing time.”

If you’d rather stay in, consider testing your skills at a video game tournament between the two couples. Setting up is easy, just get snacks and your or your date’s favorite games and you’re set.

6. Rollerblading

We know, we know, this is old school (and hard!). But rollerblading, particularly if you or your date isn’t good at it, is a great opportunity for bonding. A plus is having one of those movie-esque moments where one of you holds the other from behind while showing them the correct technique! *wink wink*

You can also set up a race—consider an obstacle course if you’re feeling adventurous—with the other couple on the date. Losers have to take the other couple out to dinner! It works perfectly.

Rollerblading on a date inevitably gives you something to talk about, be it your lack of skill or your memories of the sport if it’s something you have experience with. You also have a built-in getaway plan if necessary—just blade away and leave the date behind.

7. Restaurant or bar crawl

Obviously going out to eat is standard fare (pun!) for couples’ outings, but adding another pair to the mix makes things more exciting. The conversation will be inevitably more interesting just because you’ll have more to talk about, and the group size will hopefully mitigate any potential awkwardness.

This is another one that might require a little bit more of a time investment than a traditional date, so keep that in mind. That aside, picking out a whole slew of bars is a creative, original way to have a really fun time. Check out some new and fun spots in your local neighborhood, but don’t forget to work in some of your favorite classics.

With this option, you also don’t have to worry about meeting everyone’s food and drink needs or preferences—you can knock them all out! Plus, everyone knows that food is another ultimate bonding tool.

Even if it’s not the best time, don’t give up on the double date. After all, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ first romantic rendezvous was a double date—and they weren’t even set up with each other!

Double dates are the perfect way to change things up if you’re in a steady relationship with someone or to give things a test run if your crush is still developing. They’ll also undoubtedly leave you with great stories and laughs to share. Share your double date ideas and stories with us in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!