7 Adorable Dorm Room Date Ideas

You and your SO start off doing everything right: going to the best restaurants, picnicking in the park and hitting up local concerts. But it’s not long before you get a little too comfortable with each other. If you’ve started spend most of your quality time together in front of the television, you might be stuck in a dating rut.

But maybe it’s not so bad. Even the most adventurous couples deserve a relaxing night in from time to time, right? A cozy dorm room date gives you a perfect chance to cuddle and unwind from all the stresses of college life. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a drab love life. The next time you and your SO opt out of that candlelit dinner for a night of takeout and Netflix, get creative with it! Try out one of these ideas for turning your tiny space into a romantic getaway.

1. Build a blanket fort

Remember how awesome blanket forts were when you were a kid? Unleash your imagination with this childhood favorite all grown up.

A blanket fort can up the intimacy of a movie night by bringing you and your SO even closer together (literally). Plus, all of the fabrics and dim lighting can create a dreamy ambience. You can surprise your SO with this romantic gesture or build it together for a fun challenge.

This is going to take some creativity, especially if you’re trying to build one with the limited materials in your dorm room. You can use your sheets and comforter for most of the fort, but don’t limit yourself. Do you have any extra scarves? Try stretching them out to make a roof or draping them over the entrance of your fort.

To connect the fabrics, try some unconventional fasteners, like hairbands and binder clips. If you have a mattress topper, you can move that to the ground or just layer blankets to create cushions. There’s no one right way to make a blanket fort, so let your unique space and tools inspire you!

2. Dinner and a movie — with a themed twist

Maybe you and your SO want to keep things simple. Try picking out a movie ahead of time and having a theme night. If you’re watching a cheesy rom-com, have an indoor picnic with fruit, chocolate and finger sandwiches. Watching your favorite anime show? Get sushi takeout!

A theme will make your movie night feel like less of a lazy date and more like a full-blown event. If you can’t think of a theme that fits your movie just right, have a movie theater night in your room. Get boxes of candies, pop some movie-theater-style popcorn and dim the lights. Don’t forget to put your phones on silent!

If ordering takeout doesn’t fit into your budget, try making some simple snacks in your dorm. Preparing food with your SO can make the evening even more playful and romantic.

3. Have a game night

Having a game night is great way to have some fun and spark friendly competition between you and your SO. You can go the traditional route with classic board games like The Game of Life and Battleship. Or, get a little flirtier with some great couples’ games like I’ve Never… and Battle of the Sexes.

If one of you has a game console, playing video games is another fantastic option. Games like Mario Kart, Wii Sports and even Call of Duty will up the energy of your date and make the sparks fly.

Whether you choose board games or video games, this date idea is super fun and gives you a chance to see how your SO acts when the heat is on. Don’t forget—winner gets a back massage!

4. Learn something together

Push some of your furniture to the sides of the room, put on big band music and learn how to swing dance. Or dougie. Or footloose. Find an instructional YouTube video and try to master a dance together in your room. The small space will make things interesting and extra adorable because you’ll have to stay close and help each other learn. Plus, when you’re done, you’ll have new moves to show off at your BFF’s next party.

Looking for something a little more relaxing? Learn how to make cute origami animals together. Or learn how to make a tasty new dessert. The possibilities are practically endless. You can use this as an opportunity to learn more about your SO by finding out what little skill you’d both love to learn.

5. Quiz each other

Pull out your laptop and take some online quizzes. These can be anything from serious personality tests to sillier BuzzFeed quizzes or a mixture of both! Figuring out how you’re similar and different (no matter how goofy the results are) is insightful and a lot of fun. There are tons of great quizzes to take online, so have some fun digging! You never know what you might find (and find out).

6. Indulge in your nostalgia

So maybe you liked some embarrassing stuff when you were younger. Maybe you still like some embarrassing stuff. Odds are your SO does too, and now you can use all of those dirty little secrets to make your dorm room date even more adorable.

Pick out a few of your favorite cartoons or childhood movies and take turns laughing at what you liked back in the day. Or, go on a YouTube marathon, watching old music videos or funny clips you used to love.

7. Make it fancy

Okay, so maybe dinner by candlelight isn’t the best idea when you live in a dorm, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your dorm room date classy! Start by making a yummy meal for your SO as a surprise. Don’t forget to set the mood with some smooth jazz or classical music, dim lighting and a tablecloth (if you can find one).

This date is going to be over the top, so have fun with it — tell your SO to dress up a bit and do the same. For extra romance, buy a bottle of wine and have a “spa night” after dinner where you take turns showing off your massage techniques.

Don’t let your tiny space intimidate you! Whether you’re out of ideas, tired or just trying to save some cash, these fun and simple twists on the classic college movie night are great ways to create a memorable dorm room date.

Do you have any other dorm room date ideas? Let us know in the comment section!