3 Things That Guys Say Make You Girlfriend Material

Sometimes, this crazy thing called love can be a little confusing. It’s as if talking to a new love interest means not appearing to be too available, but still letting them know that we’re interested. When it comes to getting to know a new potential beau, we tend to jump through all kinds of hoops and hurdles just to figure out what would make them want to call back and, more importantly, what makes them actually want to commit. We asked a few real live college guys (and collegiettes) the million dollar question: What makes a girl girlfriend material? Here’s what they came up with:

1. Someone who's supportive

To some people, the key to a relationship is making sure that both partners are supportive of each other's needs and want to better each other. “I would commit to a girl who cares enough to not only want to better herself, but just as equally wants to better me and is vocal about it,” says Dre, a senior at New York University. “Like showing me things and pushing me to do things that are great for me.” What he’s getting at is that being a support system is crucial. According to Dre, knowing how to make your guy feel like a better person is the key to making your relationship successful. The idea is to push him and keep him motivated to be greater.

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2. Someone who doesn't play games

In other words, cut the mind games. Seeing a text and purposely waiting a certain amount of time to even think about responding is a little petty and has the potential to put your romance in danger. Playing games and not being clear about your feelings can put you in jeopardy of missing out on learning valuable information about your new crush, not to mention that it can confuse the both of you. Be honest about your intentions. 

3. Someone who has confidence

The good news is that there's actually nothing wrong with being a little into yourself. “I’ve always noticed that the most attractive trait a person can have is confidence,” says Alexa Gould, a 2015 graduate of the University of Georgia. “Being attracted to a confident person means being attracted to someone who radiates a positive energy that demonstrates that they’re sure of who they are and what their goals are and that they have a can-do attitude.” As women, we sometimes have a tendency of being overly apologetic and humble in order to appease other peoples’ feelings. But that shouldn’t be the case. There’s a fine line between confidence and cockiness, so realize that it’s perfectly fine to show your new love interest that you’re sure of yourself. Don’t be afraid to hold anything back!

It’s difficult to get inside peoples’ brains, especially when it comes to trying to discover your new beau’s true feelings and ultimately what it is that will make him commit to you. Everyone is different so in the end, it’s hard to figure out what people want in a relationship. When it comes to being girlfriend material, always remember to be yourself and soon enough, the right person will come along to appreciate it.