12 College Guys Get REAL About Their First Time

"First times" can be good, bad or anything in between.

We asked real college guys to tell the truth about their first time, and here's what they had to say.

"It did and did not live up to the hype you hear growing up. It's really not that big of a deal."

-Mike, University of Rhode Island Class of 2017

"I lost my virginity in my high school. I don't know how much more awkward it could get than that."

-Matt, Farleigh Dickinson University Class of 2017

"I’m glad that it was with someone I was dating who meant something to me and not just a random hookup at a party or something like that."

-Rob, James Madison University Class of 2016

"All I can say is it was surreal. She grabbed me, and I grabbed back, and then there was no beating around the bush. Pun intended."

-Jack, University of California, Santa Barbara Class of 2017

"My first time was with a girl I had been dating for a few months. We were pretty serious about each other and were a couple of teens 'in love.' It was New Years and I was trying not to look nervous even though we both were. When we finished I was in shock that I just had sex for the first time. I consider myself lucky because it was a meaningful experience with a very special girl. Not a lot of people can say that nowadays."

-Danny, Gettysburg College Class of 2017

"My first time was amazing. It was a relief, and felt so good. Of course it was a bit awkward and confusing, but glad to get it over with."

-Drew, James Madison University Class of 2017

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"My first time was unexpected, I had it with my girlfriend at the time and she came over after her softball practice. My parents weren't home, I was 17 and was ready to get laid. After a month of dating the girl, she came over and we went straight to my bed. It was very bad, I came in like 3 minutes and had no idea why everyone loved it. I didn't find my true love for sex til I entered college, but my first time was with someone 'meaningful' who I haven't spoken to in three years."

-Ben, Culinary Institute of America Class of 2015

"I was drunk and drove under the influence that night for sex."

-Tom, Stockton University Class of 2017

"Best four pumps of my life."

-Andrew, Penn State University Class of 2017

"I learned that just because you can have sex in the back of a Chevy Blazer doesn't mean you should."

-Mark, Cape May County Police Academy Class of 2015

"I had sex in my girlfriend's bed when her parents weren't home and I was paranoid about when they would actually be home. And her dog watched us."

-Tom, Arcadia University Class of 2017

"To be honest I was wondering if my parents heard my bed hitting the wall...they did."

-Chris, Rowan University Class of 2017