10 Fun Outdoor Dates You Haven't Tried (But You Should!)

A good chunk of the summer has passed by and chances are, you and your guy have gone through most of your summer date ideas. You can only beat the heat in a movie theater so many times before your wallet – and your motivation to go out in the first place – take a hit. Even though summer has some scorchers that call for indoor dates only, you won’t regret getting out once in a while and enjoying the fresh, warm summer air! (Especially when the semester comes around and you’re stuck in the library studying).

So, what’s a collegiette to do when she’s looking for fun (and romance) in the sun? Here are 10 outdoor date ideas that will take your summer lovin’ to the next level:

You’ve Tried: Playing Mini Golf
Now Try: Batting Cages

Mini golf is a classic summer date that shouldn’t be discounted! It’s a great activity to do if you want to chat with your guy. However, if you’re looking to spice things up a bit, why not try a batting cage? This may intimidate some collegiettes but it has all the awesome parts of mini golf: a little competition, time for talking, and low cost. If you and your guy are at different hitting levels, you can start simple with a slow pitch or kick up the speed a little. And if you really love it, you could make it a regular date activity by joining a couples’ softball league. Briana from the University of Missouri-Kansas City says "It's always fun to do things together that aren't typical dates or include a lot of people. Being in a co-ed softball league is a good way for [me and my boyfriend] to meet a lot of people and interact in a different dynamic. Not only is the game super fun, but also it's definitely a plus to see each other and hang out in an active group setting. And he gets to help me learn how to throw, which I've never done before!"

To find a batting cage in your area, try Yelp.com. Just type in ‘batting cages’ in the search box; the site will recognize your location and show you the nearby cages!

You’ve Tried: Laying Out At the Beach
Now Try: Beach Bocce Ball

You might not have heard of bocce ball, but if you spend a lot of time at the beach, you probably have seen someone playing it. It’s sort of like bag toss– there’s a small ball that represents a target and each player throws different color balls, trying to get them to land closest to the target. Easy enough, right? Bocce beats lying inactively on the sand but doesn’t require strenuous activity. It lets you and your man have a bit of healthy competition and an even healthier bit of flirting, plus it will force you to move around the beach and if you get hot, you can just take a dip in the waves. An added bonus: if you’re out with another couple, it’s easy to modify the game so that you can play in teams or add players!

You’ve Tried: Going On a Picnic
Now Try: Camping

Want to really put your relationship to the test? Find a nearby camping site (many of them have free or cheap admission) by researching online and plan an overnight trip. If neither of you has camped before, there will be some challenges: setting up the tent, building a fire, and battling the buggy night. But, camping has all the fun of a picnic with the excitement of being away on a mini-vacation. And if the sound of an owl hooting makes you jump in the night, you’ll have your man there to comfort you!

You’ve Tried: Paddleboats
Now Try: Kayaking

Paddleboats make for leisurely fun, but if you’re looking to cover more ground, kayaks are the answer! Many rivers will have daylong kayak rentals so you and your love can have fun that lasts beyond a few hours. There’s lots of scenery, you can pack snacks, and it’s a great upper-body workout... what’s not to like? However, kayaking also requires some serious teamwork for balancing and steering. Be prepared to work together and refine your communication skills!

You’ve Tried: Going to a Park
Now Try: Visiting Your Old Playground

Who said that your playground days were over? You may be too big for some of the playground tunnels and slides at the nearby park, but you’ll never outgrow the swings and jungle gym! If you live by the playground you went to when you were growing up, visiting can bring up a lot of old stories you probably haven’t shared with your guy before. You can wow him by recounting how you used to be the four square queen! Ally from the University of Illinois loves this ‘retro’ date. “This probably sounds random,” she says, “but one of my favorite things to do with my boyfriend is go to my old elementary school playground, especially when the sun goes down. The little kids that play on it during the day are asleep so we usually have the whole place to ourselves. Swinging and monkey bars just never get old!”