21 Reasons Why You Should be Single in Your 20s

So you’re single? So what?! Being single in your 20s can be a ton of fun, especially if your friends are single too. Here are some reasons why we think being single in your 20s is awesome.

1. There’s no one to hold you back from studying abroad and visiting every exotic location you want…

2. … and enjoying flings with foreign guys!

3.  You have more time to socialize with your friends.

4. When you leave college, you get to make decisions about your future based on what you want, and you don’t have anyone else’s plans to think about.

5. You have more time to meet new people and get to know them.


6. For the first time in your life, you’re only accountable to yourself: no boyfriend or parents to stop you from doing what you want.

7. You have more time to develop your career and figure out exactly what it is that you want to do with the rest of your life.


8. You can spend your money on what you want to buy, and don’t have to save up for Valentine’s Day presents, extra Christmas presents, extra birthday presents...

9. Take care of someone else? Please, I’m still trying to figure out to take care of myself!

10. You learn to be independent.

11. You don’t have to live through any first date disasters.

12. You have all the personal time that you want––you can be on your own whenever you like.

13. You can take any opportunity that comes up, whenever it comes up. Night out? New job? Sure!

14. Sharing the bed? No thank you, I think I’ll pretend I’m a starfish tonight.

15. You have an excuse to learn the “Single Ladies” dance!

16. There won’t be anyone around to complain when you want to watch chick flicks.

17. When it comes to Halloween, there’s no couples costume to plan; just the costume you actually want to wear.

18. You get to decorate your first “big girl” apartment the way you want without having to consider a guy’s opinion.

19. You can flirt as much as you like without a care in the world.

20. You can move away from your college town after graduation and not have to worry about a LDR!

21. But most of all, let’s be real: you don’t need a man to tell you you’re fabulous.