10 Types of People You'll Fall For in College

College is the perfect opportunity to meet new friends, but you’re likely to hit it off romantically with many different types of people. One of the best things about being on campus is that it’s a whole new dating game. You’re free from the high school drama, all your old hookups and breakups and you're ready to meet the new contenders. Right away you might see someone who catches your eye, but always keep an open mind because there are tons of people out there you’re likely to fall for. No matter what school you go to, you’re guaranteed to fall for these 10 types of people.

1. The classmate

You’re not alone if you stake out the cutest guys on your first day of class. You’ll probably need a study buddy, so why not get to know the cute classroom hottie sitting next to you? You may start off being partners for a group project, but pretty soon it’s just you two on a “study” date. Things might seem to be going well, but you can only talk about your homework and how annoying your professor is for so long. “I had a crush on a guy in my physics lab and we ended up choosing each other for lab partners,” says Lauren Williams, a junior at the University of Florida. “After the class ended, so did our fling. It was hard to keep things going out of the classroom, and other than physics we didn’t have a whole lot in common.”

2. The drunken makeout

You’ll have at least one night out where things get a little crazy. Maybe you start off having a few cocktails with your girls, and all the sudden you find yourself glued to the face of the cutie you’ve been staring at across the bar all night. It happens to all of us, so there's no need to be ashamed! Have fun, but also be aware that if it doesn't end well, you might still have to deal with awkward run-ins when you're bar-hopping. 

3. The Greek

Frat parties provide a great environment to have fun and meet some new people. Not all guys are the stereotypical frat guys, so there’s nothing wrong with crushing on the president of your school’s most popular frat. Just don’t be surprised when he shows you that his bros will always be number one.

4. The best friend

The term “just friends” doesn’t mean you aren’t secretly crushing on your BFF. All your other friends are rooting for you, but the game of will they or won’t they can be hard to win. An innocent night staying in to watch movies and eat pizza may not be so innocent after all. 

5. The athlete

Sure, everyone on campus might love the quarterback. But it’s when you run into him at the library after pulling an all-nighter that you realize your true feelings. Dating a college athlete seems like the dream, and there’s probably some great perks that come along with it. "When I moved into the dorm my freshman year I was so excited to find out that a lot of the new and attractive football players were living in my dorm," says Alexa Evans, a senior at Michigan State University. "As it turned out, they had to practice twice a day so they don't have a lot of free time to hangout during the season." 

6. The party animal

Who wouldn’t be interested in the fun one who always gets the party going? While the title of beer pong champion might be a turn on, watch out for the life of the party who can be overly flirtatious. Sure, it's fun for a while--but soon you might start noticing that it's only fun to hangout in a wild party setting. Without the beer bong or dance floor, there could be a lack of chemistry when it's just the two of you alone.

7. The future Wolf of Wall Street

Face it—there are tons of people in college who don’t have everything planned out. When you meet the one who has a bright future ahead, it seems like it might be the perfect match. You'll fall for their maturity and the fact that they have a real idea of what they want in life. Even though they have a plan that you can see yourself fitting into, don't fall too hard that you alter your own life goals in the process.

8. The cute TA

The older teaching assistant from your math class may be officially off limits, but you can’t help it. If you find yourself going to office hours on the regular without really needing to, you’re probably guilty of developing feelings. Seriously, how many times can you go over the comments you got on a paper?

9. The one who’s bad news

Tons of girls fall for the one who is known for trouble, but in college this could be a long list of people. Be careful when you fall for the one who always sleeps through class and ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. "At first I thought his carefree attitude was cool," says Kristen Emmit, a sophomore at New York University. "After a while, I realized that my whole personality and attitude changed to match his. I don't regret crushing on him, but sometimes just crushing from afar is enough."

10.  The artsy one

The sensitive theater major can give you all the feels, plus front row tickets to your school’s acapella group performances. You won't be stuck in the world of "Netflix and chill" with this type of love interest. This fling calls for fun and exciting date ideas like musems and concerts. If you find yourself wanting a unique and spontaneous fling, the president of the art club may be able to give you just that.

Everyone has crushes—it's part of being surrounded by new and exciting people! You're probably going to fall for all of these types of people and even more. Good luck, collegiettes!