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Which Rory Gilmore boyfriend are you? Are you protective like Dean, laid-back like Jess, reckless like Logan, or are you forgettable like… what’s the guy’s name from the A Year in The Life… yeah, him!

Here’s a quick quiz, keep track of your answers and find out which boyfriend of Rory Gilmore you are!

  1. It’s a Friday night, you have 4 options on how you would like to spend it. What do you do?
    • A) Watch TV – whatever’s on… I don’t care
    • B) Study – might as well get it out of the way
    • C) PARTY HOPPING! – I hope they play the new Foo Fighters
    • D) Movie Night with my partner – Transporter 2: More Transporting
  2. Now it’s Saturday – what’s on the agenda?
    • A) Date Night – I guess
    • B) Visiting the Parents – its Family Game Night
    • C) I just woke up – I think Nick is having a party
    • D) Whatever my partner wants… but not a bookstore please
  3. What do you want for breakfast Sunday morning?
    • A) Pancakes sound good
    • B) My mom made her famous homemade waffles!
    • C) Zzzzz…
    • D) Something at Luke’s Diner… if he lets me in
  4. Lunch?
    • A) Burgers and fries… and more fries!
    • B) I’ll stop for something quick on the road back to campus.
    • C) What do I have in the fridge? …is it still edible?
    • D) I picked up a short at work, I’ll just grab a quick snack
  5. What’s for Dinner? Any dessert?
    • A) Yes… wait, what was the first question?
    • B) May steak? Ice cream after sounds good, too.
    • C) Night out with my friends! I don’t know what we’re having, but it will be delicious.
    • D) I had a long day at work, hopefully my partner made some meatloaf
  6. What’s your dating style?
    • A) Committed, I suppose.
    • B) My future partner will be cherished, loved, desired, loved, supported, lov-
    • C) Committed… for the right person
    • D) I’m obviously the committed type. I would NEVER emotionally hurt my partner.
  7. Are you a romantic?
    • A) When I want to be.
    • B) Yes! My future partner will be cherished, loved, desired, lo-
    • C) Okay, you got me! I’m a big softie.
    • D) Yes… did you want a car?
  8. It’s Midterms week, time to study! Where do you focus best?
    • A) Uh… Let me get back to you
    • B) The campus library! The history is so enriching, you just feel so inspir-
    • C) Anywhere is fine… where did I leave my books?
    • D) I’ll just skim through my notes really quick, I picked up another shift.
  9. You just got your grades back. How did you do?
    • A) Wait! I forgot to look for a place to study.
    • B) A, B, B, A, B, B – awesome!
    • C) B, B, A, A, A, A – cool.
    • D) B, B, C, C, B, C – nice!
  10. Final question, do you love Rory Gilmore?
    • A) What gave it away?
    • B) So much! I try to show my partners that they are cherished, lo-
    • C) Always have, always will.
    • D) Yeah… yes, yes! Definitely…

Do you have your answers? YAY! Time to find out which boyfriend you are below!

            Mostly A’s: you got Jess! While you can be defensive at times, you’re also caring, and understanding. You may follow life to the beat of your own drum – you know who you are and won’t change your individuality. You may not know what you want to do in life, but you will, and you will strive and succeed!

            Mostly B’s: you got… him! You’re not forgettable… entirely! I’m kidding! You are loving, caring and you have a lot of empathy for others! You are focused on your career, but you make time for others and are greatly appreciated! You are also a good person that people cherish and love and desire and lo-

Mostly C’s: you’re Logan! You can be slightly reckless, but you have a big sense of responsibility when it comes to things you care about. You are misunderstood more often than not, but those who do know you know that you are caring, compassionate, and very charismatic! You may not show it often, but you care about others as much as you care about yourself. And stay away from cliffs… just saying.

Mostly D’s: yeah, that’s right – you’re Dean! You’re protective of those you care deeply for, and it doesn’t go unnoticed! You’re both empathetic and sympathetic – these qualities are why you are liked by so many. You are giving and understanding, and you try to help others as much as you can!

Hope you enjoyed the short quiz! Now it’s time for me to go rewatch Gilmore Girls yet again!

Camden Spann

Youngstown '24

I am a Senior at Youngstown State University achieving a degree in Merchandising: Fashion & Interiors with a double minor in Journalism and Creative Writing.