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Star Wars Quotes That I Live By

During quarantine, I rediscovered my love for Star Wars. I hadn’t watched the older movies since I was in elementary school and I decided to do a marathon. Along with rediscovering my love for George Lucas’ unique world, I also realized that Star Wars has a lot of inspirational characters, moments, and quotes. I’m going to share a few quotes that stand out to me, especially as a college student.

“Do or do not, there is no try.” ~ Yoda

If you’re going to do something, give it your all. Even if it fails, it’s better than only giving half effort.

“Your focus determines your reality.” ~ Qui-Gon Jinn

Focus on and go after what you want. If you never try to achieve a goal, you won’t reach it.

“You can’t stop change any more than you can stop the suns from setting.” ~ Shmi Skywalker

Change is inevitable. It’s better to just adjust to it than try to stop it.

“The belonging you seek is not behind you… it is ahead.” ~ Maz Kanata

Don’t stay stuck in the past. Your life is ahead of you. Keep moving forward and work toward your future.

All of these are particularly relevant for people just starting their adult lives. We often have to learn a lot of hard life lessons during our time in college and our early adulthood and these quotes give me a bit of inspiration to keep going when things get tough.

Rachel is a junior at Youngstown State University, majoring in Business Administration. In addition to being one of the Campus Correspondents for her school's Her Campus chapter, she is a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and a Campus Trendsetter. She loves writing, hanging out with friends and family, and Star Wars. She hopes to one day manage a large resort somewhere tropical (or at Disney World!).
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