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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Youngstown chapter.

As graduation approaches it may seem stressful to decide your next steps, especially as a student with disabilities. But it doesn’t have to be! Here’s how I planned my next steps after graduation. 

The first thing I did, and even now still have to do, was remind myself that this is real and is actually happening. After being in school so long and putting in so much work it just didn’t seem real that I was getting ready to be done. I had dreamed of this moment for years and now it’s actually here. Am I really ready to start a career and an actual life for myself? How hard is it going to be to get a job in my field? Do I want to move away or do I want to stay close? An endless stream of questions always follow the excitement of graduation.

The next thing I did was go on the job search websites and look up jobs in my field in a bunch of different areas. I did this one just to get an idea of jobs out there and where they’re at.

I then talked to my Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. He helped me out a ton. He set me up with the resources to develop things like my resume and even an elevator pitch, which is like your short spiel about why someone should hire you. 

I could not have achieved my goals, graduate, and set up my next steps without the many resources for students with disabilities that YSU has to offer. Most of these resources are available to all students if you seek them out. Though they may not be exactly the same, they still can be incredibly helpful.

Hello! I am a senior Forensic Science student YSU. I am excited to be writing!