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Midterms are happening way faster than I would like, but unfortunately, we have to make do. Here are a few study tips to get you to the end of the week without breaking any blood vessels.

  1. Rewrite & Reread
    • I can’t express how much this will help you. Whether you will understand the subject better after a few times of going through or, if you are like me, you will remember buzzwords and imagine the section of where those words were while you are testing. I understand test anxiety, so studying has never really helped me overall, but this tip got me through the last few semesters. Time consuming but worth it.
  2. Flashcard Quiz
    • Tried and true! Write a word or five on one side, then the meaning on the other. Read one side and try to figure out the back says! One thing I will say, switch it up once in a while. Trying to remember meanings can be hard for some of us because it could be one long sentence – so read the longer side and figure out the shorter.
  3. Practice Tests
    • Sometimes professors will give you a practice test so you can study at home, but you’d be surprised how many practice tests you can find online, and for so many subjects! Try to find one that goes over what you are studying for (and for fun, try some others that have nothing to do with your major or focus, too).
  4. Incentives
    • I personally like to give myself rewards even for small milestones because I want to feel like I won something, because I never win anything – hahaha! Tell yourself you won’t get that coffee, or go out to dinner with your friends unless you study for a couple of hours. Now don’t go overboard with it. Don’t make it to where you have to study and memorize something in its entirety to reward yourself. Trying is more than enough already. You opened that book and read the chapter? Did you understand any of it? No? That’s okay, you still deserve a grande matcha latte. Did you want a cake pop with that?
  5. STOP!
    • Just stop. Take a break. Whether you study in intervals, or go for long period of time, stop studying for a couple of hours. Having your brain focused on one thing for long period of time is hard. Even if you do intervals, those mini breaks don’t help much because you still have “If Timmy has 10 apples, sells 5 for $7 and the city tax is 6% higher than last year at $0.23. How far did Timmy’s dog run before the stock market crashed?” in the back of your head, then you’re right back studying without giving yourself enough time.

Remember to stay hydrated and walk around. Don’t sit for too long in one spot, Change your surroundings, listen to new music – keeping a rhythm is nice, but change up your routine so it can stay fresh and exciting. YOU GOT THIS!

Camden Spann

Youngstown '24

I am a Senior at Youngstown State University achieving a degree in Merchandising: Fashion & Interiors with a double minor in Journalism and Creative Writing.