How to Jump Back into School After Spring Break

Getting your life back on track after spring break can be hard. For several days, you were relaxing without thinking about that upcoming exam, and now you’re back on campus with too hot or too cold classrooms and homework galore! It can be stressful and annoying – so here are some ways to get your life back!

  1. 1. First, you want to start with time management. 

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    Of course, the more responsibilities you have, the harder this can be. Do not fear! You want to get your body back on a schedule with school and anything else like work or family-related matters.  Figure out where your breaks are so you can have time to relax and take it all in.

  2. 2. Next you want to get organized.

    This helps even more if you do it before break, but it can be difficult, because who would be thinking about this when the only thing you can truly think about is fun in the sun… or in your own home.

    Some professors still have things planned for the first day back like projects or homework, so be prepared to get hit with schoolwork when you get there. Maybe write in a planner or calendar what you can expect to talk about, so you don’t get blindsided. You can also organize your bookbag, notebooks, binders, etc. – I can’t be the only one that has a messed-up backpack filled with scrap papers, receipts, old tests and those flyers that people hand out that you never actually look at. We have all been there.

  3. 3. Lastly, make sure to make time for yourself.

    With time management, don’t overload yourself or try to go right back into what you were doing before break. Relax. Breathe. Even girl bosses need some TLC.

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