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GraphicAudio: Better Than Regular Audiobooks

A new app that I have been obsessed with is called GraphicAudio. If you are a fan of audiobooks, or just reading in general, you should definitely check this out. Recently, a very popular BookTok series “A Court of Thornes and Roses” was put on GraphicAudio, which lead me to check it out, and I was not disappointed.

GraphicAudios are audiobooks, but instead of one person narrating the entire book, they have different actors for each character. They also add music and background noises which make it even better. Though there will eventually be an ACOTAR tv show, this is the next best thing until then.

To begin, you have to go on the GraphicAudio website, make an account, and then you are able to shop for whatever audiobooks you want. When you have purchased an audiobook, just go to the app store, look up GraphicAudio, download it, sign in, and you’re ready to listen.

If you normally read books, but are not sure if you’ll like an audiobook, just go for it! I had not listened to an audiobook before this, as I prefer to read them, but I found that I could listen to the books when I normally couldn’t read such as while driving, or working out (I know I’m weird), or while doing busy work. The only downside to GraphicAudio is that they are pricey, and the books I have listened to were split up into two parts, making them more expensive than the hard copy of the book would be. If this is not an issue for you (I really had to make excuses for why I had to buy these), I could not encourage you more.

Happy listening!

Chloe Simmerman

Youngstown '23

I am a Junior at Youngstown State University Majoring in Nursing. I am the Senior Editor for my chapter.
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