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Five Books You Need to Read This Semester

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YES PLEASE by Amy Poehler

As I continue to pursue my theatre degree, I find myself coming back to this book again and again. Poehler has so many important anecdotes about how to not only handle but to embrace tough situations. Yes Please will help you set boundaries and feel more empowered, and is a must-read as we transition back to in-person classes and opportunities!


Daniel Howell never fails to amaze and inspire me! His unique brand of self-deprecating jokes mixed with honesty and care is something I strive to emulate as a content creator. This book helps readers handle mental health crises in the moment, aka “the night”, and has tips for managing symptoms in the following days, weeks, months, years, etc. It’s truly essential during these unpredictable times!

I want to be where the normAl people are by Rachel bloom

Rachel Bloom, the creator, and star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend offers validation to anyone who has ever felt out of place. This book is a collection of essays, games, and drawings, and will help readers laugh at their problems. After all, laughing at something is the first step towards being ready to face it. Bloom is endlessly warm, relatable, and caring, and this book provides much-needed compassion in the face of shame, guilt, and indecisiveness. (Plus, the title is a reference to The Little Mermaid, and who doesn’t love that?!)

A wrinkle in time by madeleine l’engle

This book is comfort food for the brain. While it’s technically marketed towards younger readers, it’s still the perfect fantastical escape on a “dark and stormy” winter night. It’s great on its own, or you can try reading the rest of the Time Quintet series!

The great gatsby by f. Scott Fitzgerald

This book is another great escape, this time to the 1920s! While we all return to in-person classes, work, and social lives, The Great Gatsby is a great book to read when we’re just a bit nostalgic for the past.

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Meganne Evans is a Theatre B.F.A. student at Youngstown State University. She is passionate about the arts and ending the mental health stigma. When not working as a theatre teacher or volunteering with the Honors College, she can be found drinking caramel lattes, advocating for OCD awareness, or writing comedy articles. Contact her at meganne.evans.business@gmail.com or find her on Instagram @heyitsmeganne.
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