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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at York chapter.

House hunting is an experience that presents each and every collegiate with soaring stress levels and endless excitement. Over the next few weeks, many of you will be having conversations with your flat and housemates about who you’re going to live with. But remember girls, there are a few things you should consider when choosing your heavenly housemates. 

TidinessComing home to a cluttered kitchen after a long day of lectures and seminars is far from ideal. The last thing any busy collegiate wants to do is snatch the sponge, grab the gloves and polish the dirty plates that have decided to invade your kitchen. No one wants to take off the glass slipper and spend their evening scrubbing away at someone else’s mess when they could be cramming for that exam or preparing for that practical. So girls, make sure you consider the cleanliness of your clan before signing that contract. 

Honesty‘Who finished my milk?’ A question that has no doubt resounded and ricocheted around halls and is one that you do not want repeated next year. Honest housemates are a must, whether it’s a question of ‘who cleaned the kitchen?’ Or ‘who owes me for the gas bill?’, you want to be sure that you are living with housemates who will tell you the truth and who you can rely upon. Remember girls, trusty housemates are essential to a happy home.  

Noise If you’re moving from halls into a house, then you really need to consider the amount of noise produced by each and every housemate. We all have that friend who played music a bit too loudly and who was constantly rolling in at 4am during freshers’ week plastered in Willow stamps. Living in a house with someone like this can be great fun. Always keen for Kuda, a Phat fanatic and simply a salvation lover it is hard to see where you would go wrong in living with someone like this. However, when the drunken dominos delivery arrives at four or the call for keys comes in during the early hours, it is hard to say that any of us would be happy if we had a 9am the next morning.

But remember, don’t panic girls, these years are really seen to be the best. Take these tips and you will be sure to share your time with people whom you click with. Be prompt with your plans but refrain from rushing and you will have horror free house.