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Feelin’ Funky For Full Moon

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at York chapter.

This is the event that took off with a bang and never looked back. After launching as a weekly student night in September, Koh Samui has transformed our Friday nights and given us an opportunity to let our hair down and, drown our stresses of uni life.

Referred to as a ‘Student Paradise,’ this night certainly hasn’t disappointed. Koh Samui boasts an extensive selection of student priced drinks, so this night out is sure to prevent you from wasting your wallet. The varied music genres present across two floors ensures those with all tastes have a tremendous time – it’s no wonder Koh Samui is the students choice night out.

Join the party this Friday as Koh Samui celebrates Thai Full Moon style with a huge UV party. Find your UV face paints, bring your bright light cannons & snatch your sexy socks and head bands and make it down to Koh Samui this Friday. Doors open at 11pm and the party goes til 4am. 

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