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Cheerleading President: Hannah Denham

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at York chapter.


We managed to get in touch with our very own Cheerleading President to get an insight into the York Hornets…

Describe yourself in three words
Bad at succinctness 
When did you get involve in cheerleading?
At Freshers fair in my first week at uni. I actually went looking for the cheerleading table in the sports tent, I’d seen bring it on and somehow thought I knew what I was getting myself into! 
What’s the best thing about being involved in cheerleading?
Without meaning to sound cheesy: The incredible team spirit. I’ve played other team sports, and there’s just nothing like the feeling of working together to save a stunt in cheerleading. There’s just so much trust and support within the squads, it’s wonderful to be a part of.
Whats the worst injury you have had from cheerleading?
Probably the hefty kick to the eye I received from a falling, fast twisting flier. I looked like I’d got in a serious fist fight for a couple of weeks!
What’s your favourite cheerleading competition and why?
The University Nationals held in Telford each year. These competitions always feel like the culmination of all of our hard work, it’s also an opportunity to see how we shape up next to other university teams….plus we’ve won it for the last two years! 
What’s your worst Salvo/Ziggies wardrobe malfunction?
I once went out dressed as a tractor and had been using the front bonnet of my costume as a table for drinks. It worked pretty well until I tried to dance while balancing a couple of vodka mixers and ended up tipping them all over myself.
Who is your celebrity crush?
Sue Perkins