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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at York U chapter.

Some may say that as university students and adults, we are too old for Halloween costumes. However, York University students know this is false and have sported some truly amazing duds on Halloween 2017. This Tuesday, the campus was greeted and given the amazing opportunity to see what we are able to pull out and turn up in! From classics to avant garde, Yorkies wore it all and absolutely slayed their Halloween game. Without further ado, the spookiest, kookiest costumes, all for you!

  • Cats. Me-wow! This simple, elegant costume may be incredibly common, but for good reason. Nothing is as beautifully classic as a kitty. This year, students got creative with their looks, ranging from understated ears, to literal “cat”suits. Special acknowledgments go to the glam rock kitty and the adorable pink nosed witch cat!

  • Witches/warlocks. Let’s get witchy with it! Another amazing classic, these spell-casting, cackling creatures were probably very unpopular in class with their hats, but proved to be a big hit everywhere else. From the subtle mini hat to spider webbed cloaks coupled with dazzling caps, witches and warlocks cast a love spell on York.

Source: Jo-B

  • Jupiter. No, not the planet! Jupiter from the hit series Sailor Moon may have a supporting role to her bestie (Sailor Moon), but York’s Jupiter had the whole galaxy looking at them. Easily one of the most similar to the original, our Jupiter did a fantastic job with her costume and was truly a shining star.

  • Vampires. Some may say all they need are teeth, but our vampires went all out! This year’s hottest bloodsuckers donned floor length capes, darkly rich wedges, pumps, or good old stomping boots, and matching robes. From classic Dracula to the modern Bella, York had it all.

  • D.Va. No one can “nerf this”! Another costume that was very true to the reference material, Overwatch’s D.Va had nothing on York’s. Even with the cold weather, they matched their coat to the bright colours, and even took a feline twist by wearing bright orange furry ears. D.Va did not bail out, at all!

  • Zombies. Just like professors, zombies want our braaaiiiins. These undead students proved no different, desperately seeking out knowledge in Vari Hall to York Lanes to Stedham! While there weren’t enough to be apocalyptic, they were truly memorable as they shuffled to and from class. Wait a minute, were they just exhausted and stressed students? There’s no way to tell!

  • Dragon. The one little dragon spotted in York Lanes has easily weaseled into this list for just being so darn cute, even though this fire breather was a young child! While they may not be a student, they were caught ruling over the Kingdom of York, guarding their treasures of candies.

Source: cocoparisienne 

October, the spookiest month of the year, has come and gone, but this doesn’t mean the end of Halloween. Through these amazing costumes, we get to remember and adore the best moments of Halloween 2017, the best year yet! York has truly shown itself to be a solid spooky school. With that, thank you so much for all of those who dressed up to grace us all with the spirit of Halloween!

Kaitlin is a bilingual (French and English) writer originating from friendly Thunder Bay. They are in their seventh year at York University, where they study professional writing with an emphasis on journalism. They live with their partner of nine years and their cat, Tessa. They started writing with a passion and a poem that eventually won third in a contest 12 years ago, and started editing not too long after. When not at the keyboard, Kaitlin can be found reading, cooking, playing video games, or holding Tessa. Their favorite movies are scary and their favorite television genre is reality. Kaitlin's passions include copyediting, anything scary or spooky and adding to her collection of dolls, magnets and cups. Their favorite part of writing/editing is giving others a chance to share their story or achieve their dreams and offering insight on "the little things." Some of Kaitlin's favorite topics reflect on their personal life, including health/disabilities, fringe topics and social issues.
Sam is a Cinema & Media Studies student at York University. She is passionate about LGBTQ+ issues, mental health, and intersectional feminism. She loves dogs and grilled cheese and knows way too much about pop culture.