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Why Stardew Valley is My Latest Obsession

Stardew Valley is a leisurely, slice-of-life role-playing game that’s a great way to wind down and chill. Ever since its release date in 2016, there’s been nothing but positive feedback. Its pleasing design and its light, upbeat tunes form a nice, relaxed atmosphere–perfect for everyday stress relief.


You play as a person who moves to the country to take over their old, run-down family farm. With the help of the locals, you start a new life at your own pace.



Despite some need for ‘grinding’, there’s enough task diversity that it doesn’t feel tedious at all. Though your main job is planting and harvesting crops, you can also go foraging, fishing, mining, and digging for artifacts.  As you upgrade your land, you can add coops and barns to raise anything from chickens to newly-hatched dinosaurs! You can also build silos, mills, stables, and sheds to make farm life a lot more convenient.



And the more you play Stardew, the better it gets. Once you’ve gained enough gold, you can fix up your cottage with furniture, new rooms, and other decor. If you play your cards right, you’ll be living in paradise…but you can’t really do it alone.


Befriending your neighbors is crucial to playing the game. These twenty-eight charming and lovable characters are incredibly fun to interact with. Plus, if you have good relations, your effort pays off. By giving out presents and completing requests, you can reach the max level of friendship, unlocking new in-game features, special cutscenes, and riveting backstories.



Stardew Valley is available on the Xbox One, PS4, MacOS, Windows, and Linux. According to the developers, there’s also a Nintendo Switch version in progress. Though the price varies based on the console, I play the PC adaptation, which can be purchased through Steam for only $14.99. Trust me, it’s worth every penny.

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