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Why Catfish is by Far the Most Incredible Show On This Planet


If you haven’t watched an episode of Catfish then you are lying to yourself. Seriously. Stop. Go and Watch. This is a show where people who fall in love with others on the internet, not knowing if the person on the other end is real or not. The shows premise actually came from a documentary made by the brother of the co-host’s (Nev Schulman below). When Nev was just 20 years old he fell in love with a “model” online just to find out that it was a 35 year old woman who actually needed a friend. Crazy, right? The documentary got so much attention that they made it into a show. 


But ever since 2009, this show has become a wild ride. The people who have been getting catfished are so hopeful but the people catfishing them are just completely nuts. There have been some moments when people actually find love, and things are hopeful for once.


Then there are other times when things just go completely haywire.There have been moments when people are getting revenge on one another, or are secretly obsessed with this person. There was even a time when a woman catfished her cousin because they called her a fat Kelly Price. Truly an iconic moment.


The real reason behind the show’s greatness is its mystery. With every new love story that comes on the screen, any audience member thinks that these people have a chance. Well, probably not the one guy who thought he was dating Katy Perry FOR 8 YEARS?! That was the only time.


Also, Nev and Max really tell it how it is and they are not afraid to. It is truly amazing how professionally savage they are.It is like they see the stupidity in these people and just slowly but surely throw them off the bridge of reality. 


If you really want to check out the show and all of its petty antics, please check out MTV on Wednesdays at 8pm!

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