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The unicorn craze continues! It all seemed to start with the unicorn frappuccino that Starbucks launched last year. As you have probably heard, the fan favorite brand, Lucky Charms, has recently added a unicorn marshmallow to their cereal family. The Fruit Loop brand also followed suit by coming out with a unicorn cereal!

However, the biggest new announcement has come from Target. The Market Pantry brand that is sold exclusively at Target just came out with a “Unicorn Magic” flavored ice cream which is sure to beat all. The ice cream is described as having “a pink fruity base with a sour blue raspberry (frosting) swirl and glitter candy bits.”

Sadly, only a few stores carry the magical ice cream! The ice cream isn’t sold online, and if you are interested in the hunt, you can use the store locator to find where they offer the glittery goodness. It could be the perfect compliment to your oversized unicorn floaty this summer!

Here are some pictures of the up and coming unicorn products:

Happy Unicorn Hunting!


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