The Ultimate Holiday Survival Kit

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

The holiday season is finally here and with that, the stress of the end of the semester. Finals are on the way and students are trekking through the campus looking like the walking dead. With each passing day, it becomes harder and harder to find motivation to get out of bed. Luckily, Her Campus has gifted us with the ultimate Holiday Survival Kit to get us through this last week of college, as well as the holidays with our [crazy] families!

#ActuallySheCan Tanks, created in partnership with Le Motto

The temperature has been dropping rapidly, along with our passion to hit the gym. Thankfully, the #ActuallySheCan tanks, created in partnership with Le Motto are wonderfully motivating and female empowering. One look at them and you’ll feel like you can do anything! The soft and flowy material makes it easy for you to move about freely and be as active as you want to maintain (or get in shape for) that summer body.

Being Hand Creams

The one epidemic to plague all of us during the winter is ash. Sometimes, it just creeps up on you even after the fact that you’ve added what seems like 10 lbs of lotion already. Being hand creams are here to help you fight it off. Both, the Salted Caramel & Macadamia Hand Cream and the Cloudberry & Lychee Blossom Hand Cream are infused with honey, shea butter, and sweet almond oil. These creams, in the words of the company, are “For the baddest bitches with the biggest hearts.”

Krazy Glue

If your family plans on staying with you over the holiday break, you’re going to need this. Krazy Glue is perfect for fixing anything, from wood to plastics to ceramics to metals and more.It’ll even fix that one holiday decoration that no one seems to know just how it broke! It can also help with that craft project that’ll bring together the entire living room decorations.

Tarte Cosmetics


Great makeup is hard to find, especially when you’re a college student on a budget. Tarte Cosmetics was obviously feeling the holiday spirit because they were kind enough to gift Her Campus with two amazing products: the Tarteist ™ PRO Palette (left) and the Lights, Camera, Lashes ™ mascara. The Tarteist ™ palette has “20 ultra-pigmented shades powered by naturally-derived ingredients,” including Amazonian clay, mineral pigments, and vanilla extract. The palette will help you to slay every holiday party you choose to attend.

The Lights, Camera, Lashes ™ mascara is perfect for travelling. It comes in a beautiful purple case and has been described as “a pushup bra for your lashes!” The mascara is vegan; it curls and volumizes, but won’t clump your lashes. You’ll be fabulash for every occasion.

Alba Botanica Ⓡ

Everyone knows that finals = less sleep, which in turn, equals puffy eyes. Whether it be from crying all night or studying all night, it all leads to one thing: PUFFY EYES. That’s about to change. Thanks to Alba Botanica Ⓡ, puffy eyes will be a thing of the past! They eye cooling gel immediately revives your eyes while simultaneously energizing them. This product is vegan as well, hypoallergenic and non-animal tested. The cucumber revives and the green tea and caffeine stimulates, energizes and reduces puffiness in our beautiful peepers. Perfect for those early morning college finals, or that one class you can’t wait to get out of!

Happy Holidays, from Her Campus YCP!