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A Tea Lover’s Guide to Dessert Tea

A world where you don’t gain calories from eating sweets seems like a dream. However, it is possible to enjoy desserts without munching on all those calories. Everyone wants to eat sweets without the repercussions. Take a taste of dessert teas and let your worries slip away. From black tea to red rooibos to green rooibos, let your taste buds explore the euphoria of dessert teas. You don’t have to be a tea drinker to enjoy these teas.

Here are some dessert tea suggestions:

1) The Republic of Tea’s Vanilla Almond Tea

A touch of vanilla and almond swirled into one cup of tea. There is a slight taste of cherry from the almonds and pairs well with a hint of milk. It has quite a bit of caffeine like all black teas so be careful not to drink it right before you go to bed.

2) Tazo’s Vanilla Bean Macaron Tea

It’s like eating macarons but not. If you want the taste of something sweet, but don’t want the calories then this tea is the go to tea to crave your hankerings. Black tea swirled together with cinnamon and vanilla.  

3) The Republic of Tea’s Red Velvet Chocolate Tea

This tea contains rooibos leaf. Rooibos tea always seems to have an earthy flavor, but the hints of chocolate and vanilla provide an exquisite taste of actually eating cake. Plus, if you have a craving for red velvet cake, it can quell it.

4) The Republic of Tea’s Celebrate With A Cuppa Cake Tea

Hints of coconut, vanilla, and lemon mixed with green rooibos. Rooibos tea is caffeine free, so you can drink it in the evening.

5) The Republic of Tea’s Gingerbread Cuppa Cake Tea

If you’re craving gingerbread but don’t want to gorge yourself on the calories, then slosh down a cup of gingerbread tea to your heart’s content. Red rooibos, ginger, cinnamon, and vanilla crushed together to form your dessert cravings.

6) Tazo’s Butterscotch Blondie

Black tea, chicory root, cinnamon and cocoa. It’s like eating butterscotch but in liquid form.

7) Stash Tea Company’s Salted Caramel Mate

Black tea blended with salted caramel and cocoa. Add a dash of milk for a salted caramel sundae.  


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