Summer 2018: Places to Visit in NJ and NY

The tri-state area is filled with great places to eat and visit. New York, more so, but New Jersey has some really top of the line spots to see, as well. (Being from Jersey, I have to show them some love in this article!) Summer 2018 is sure to be packed with non-stop adventure - at least it will be for me.

First up, Coney Waffle in Belmar, NJ.

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They are known for creating these crazy, insane, delicious treats. Along with the ice cream (or milkshake), the pack on all these other toppings such as pretzels, cotton candy, marshmallows, cookies, and more! This is definitely one place everyone should visit.

Other locations include Asbury Park, Long Branch and Red Bank. Check out their Instagram for more pictures.

Street Taco in New York, NY.

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Street Taco is almost like a little hole-in-the-wall place, but not really. The food here is A-MA-ZING! They have fried shrimp tacos, which are to die for, and a fried chicken taco that fits the description as well.

The restaurant is really cozy and a great place to sit down and enjoy some food after a long day in the city - if you’re not too tired from walking around all day. (Also, they host two Happy Hours Monday through Friday!) You can check out their menus - brunch and dinner - here.

Black Tap in New York, NY

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Black Tap is a burger joint with multiple locations: Midtown, Soho, the Lower East Side and Las Vegas. Along with burgers, Black Tap also makes Crazy Shakes. Similar to Coney Waffle, they pile on all kinds of sweet treats to these shakes, depending on what kind of shake you actually get. They have something called The Cookie Shake and Brooklyn Blackout which all sound amazing.

You can check out their locations and menus here.

Lastly, the beach(es)!

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The beach is always a great spot to hit in the summer, no matter where you go (usually). The beaches in NJ is amazing. Some places to visit would be Point Pleasant, the Jersey Shore and Wildwood - the last two are more popular with those aged 18-30.

New York has some amazing beaches as well. One I visited last summer was Lake Welch in upstate NY. I was a little reluctant because I had never heard of it before, but despite my fears of getting lost and running into bears, I had an amazing time there. Also, Lake George is beautiful in the summertime. It is quiet, quaint and relaxing.

There are obviously too many beaches to name, so here’s a way to add to your summer fun: look up all the beaches in the state(s), make a list of the ones you want to visit and head out for a day (or a weekend) of fun in the sun!

Hopefully, this winter will end sometime this week so that we can get a jumpstart and Spring and Summer. I can’t wait for summer 2018 to get here!