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Many people believe that flying is easier than driving to your destination. Of course, it varies from the length of the flight and location, but I think flying can be just as long and hard. Flying on a plane (or a flying bus as I like to think) comes with its own traveling struggles. It is never as glamorous or fun as the celebrities with their private jets or Lizzie and Gordo in The Lizzie McGuire Movie make it seem.

Here are some of the hardest parts of flying:

1. The security

I know that airport security is for our safety, but it’s hard not to feel like a criminal sometimes walking through the scanner in your socks with your hands up. I once had my bag hand checked because of my asiago cheese bagel…

2. The wait time

It’s so exciting going on a trip, especially when I get to go home for break. But, there is SO much waiting involved. It takes an hour to get to the airport, another hour to get through security and check your bag, and then an hour plus until you are even on the plane. Basically, it can be seriously boring at times, especially when traveling alone.

3. The packing limit

Luckily, I fly Southwest and get two bags checked for free, plus a carry on and personal item. However, most people have to pay to check a bag which means making the 50 pound weight limit can be quite the struggle. I am always worried my big suitcase will hit the limit, and I will have to rearrange my bag in the middle of the airport.

4. The delays

I have had my flight delayed…TWICE! It is not fun being so close to finally getting on the plane and finding out you have another hour to kill alone. The uncertainty of when you will actually get on the plane means there is little to do but wait.

5. The plane ride

You never know who will end up next to you on your flight. Sometimes it works out…sometimes it feels endless. I have experienced babies and dogs crying and have had 70 middle schoolers on my last flight. The worst is the dreaded middle seat because there really is no escape.

6. The crowds

The airport is filled with people from all walks of life which can make getting through security and to your terminal quite the journey. Not to mention once you are finally off the plane with your bags amongst the traffic jam outside on the narrow sidewalk.

Although I am new to flying, I can confidently say it is not all that it is led up to be. Yes, I am thankful I do not have to drive 20 hours to Florida every time I go home, but that doesn’t mean the journey is still an easy one.


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