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Starbucks Makes Us Forget About Unicorns with Dragon Frappuccino

During the release of the Unicorn Frappuccino last week, it was basically destined that some stores would run out of the products to make the limited-time drink. Instead of just turning down the customers altogether, baristas created their own version of the drink, naming it the Dragon frappuccino, in order to counteract the lack of ingredients for the colorful, sour drink.


Baristas are also claiming that the Dragon Frappuccino is easier to make, consisting of a green tea frappuccino with a berry swirl, making the drink green and purple, like… you guessed it… a dragon.


According to some customers who had tried it, they say it tastes a lot better than its Unicorn counterpart. However, this is not an official drink on the Starbucks menu, but the ingredients for the Dragon Frappuccino are available year-round!


Just remember – when you’re asking for specialty drink like these, especially when they’re out for a limited time, please tip your barista! These drink are usually more difficult to make, so baristas are pretty stressed out during these crazy drink releases. Ease their pain by sparing them an extra dollar (you’re paying at least $5 for a drink anyway…)!


Stephanie is a Senior Professional Writing major at York College of Pennsylvania. She is a York College cheerleader; so she also likes big bows, and she can not lie.
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