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Starbucks created a NEW Frappuccino!

Starbuck’s has out done themselves once again. The company has continued to prove that they want to stay relevant in pop culture. Starbucks has consistently ranked a top coffee chain despite their high prices in comparison to competitors like dunkin donuts. The unicorn frappuccino caused quite a stir on instagram and snapchat with its bright filter worthy colors. And then there was the dragon frappucino with its stand out red and green. But now my friends I present you with the all powerful “Zombie Frappucino.”


The limited time zombie frappucino hits stores October 26th and will only be around until October 31st! The drink will consist of a green caramel apple base with pink whipped cream to appear like “brains” on top. Will this drink be one of the all time favorites? I guess we will just have wait and see!


According to the chain the drink will make you “lose your mind!”






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