Songs To Listen To When...(Hamilton Version)

When you start the semester in a good mood and won’t stop until May - Nonstop

When you find out that your ex is dating your ugly friend - You’ll Be Back

When you are at the lib without a phone charger and your laptop charger while you were planning on leaving around 2am - Stay Alive

When you are laughing so hard at a professor’s corny joke to show that you need a 4.0 - Your Obedient Servant

When you walk past a cute boy in the dining hall and realize that you awkwardly matched on Tinder - I Know Him

When you’re realized that that same guy on Tinder owns hella hunting gear and and owns a boat with the Confederate flag on it- Guns and Ships

When you go into a final exam that you didn’t study for - Helpless

When you are walking into Swerve around 4:58 and is waiting to see if Ballpark day is in full effect - Wait For It

When you are trying to eat healthy but your professor walks in with donuts - Say No To This

When you write a paper that has to be at least 2,000 words and you got 1,976 - That Would Be Enough

When you miss class on Monday and Wednesday and come in on Friday like it’s nothing - What’d I Miss?

When you walk into a Jackson house and realize that you hooked up with one of the owners - The Room Where It Happens  

When someone in class farts while giving a presentation - Blow Us All Away

When you take that seventh shot of Fireball and pass out for like three minutes  - Take A Break

When the Townies get crazy on Jackson - Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

When you go to Murph’s and remind the bartender that it’s only Wednesday - Tomorrow There’ll Be More Of Us.

When you are suddenly drowning in overdo work, you have the freshman 15 as a senior, have no money and trying to figure out why your life sucks so much - What Comes Next?


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