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Racial tension, cops, heartbroken parents, a dead black teen, white cops and a coverup – and this is only Season 1.

During Winter Break, I binge watched the show Seven Seconds on Netflix. If you haven’t seen the show as of yet, go and watch it now!

The show is about the death of a young, African-American teenager by the hands of a white cop. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Great! Another story of a white cop killing a black teen.” But it is more than that.

(I’m going to try my best to review this show without giving away any spoilers.)

Filmed in Jersey City, it opens up with a white cop driving in the snow, talking on the phone (slaps forehead). All of a sudden, he hits something; he gets out of his car but only sees a bike lying under it. He calls his buddies from the precinct, and this, in turn, leads down a dark path for many.

The teen’s (Brenton Butler) mother and father are, as could be expected, heartbroken and devastated when they find out what’s happened to their son. While the father tries to move on, his mother searches for answers; cops try to hide their coverup with a bunch of lies; a prosecutor and a detective team up to find answers for the mother.

It stars Regina King as Latrice Butler, the mother; Russell Hornsby as Isaiah Butler, the father; Beau Knapp as Peter Jablonski, the cop; Clare-Hope Ashitey as KJ Harper, the prosecutor; and Michael Mosley as Joe ‘Fish’ Rinaldi, the detective.

Every episode will have you on the edge of your seat as the show progresses. (I would know….I was up until about 5 AM watching the entire series.)

This show is heart-wrenching, drama filled, and makes for great conversation. You will have so many questions and “what ifs” going through your mind. But you must focus and watch closely or you’ll miss something very important.

Was it really a hate crime or truly an accident? I guess you’ll just have to watch to find out.

I can not wait until Season 2 comes out!

A Senior at York College of Pennsylvania, majoring in Political Science. I am a Gemini, I love the color green, reading and writing! I am so excited to be able to write for Her Campus. I hope to inspire and/or entertain all who read my articles!
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