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Profile: Zoe Weiss


Zoey Weiss

Forensic Chem Major, Math and Bio Minor

Port Washington, NY


Fav food: Bacon

Fav color: Pink or blue

Fun fact: I have been to over 12 countries.

Fun unfact: Does NOT study meth during crime scenes

Fav animal: Cat

Fav movie: Frozen

Fav TV Show: As of right now, Bones.

One thing you can’t live without: iPod

If you could sleep with any celebrity which one would it be? Taron Egerton

Celebrity Crush: Taron Egerton lol

Harry Potter Crush (Character, not Celebrity): Oliver Wood

Hobbies include: painting nails, reading, watching movies, breathing is always good, and traveling

One song that represents your love life: Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child


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