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Mr. Burns Review

Here are York College, we have a pretty decent Theatre program. Last weekend, we had some of the students perform Mr. Burns, a post-electric play. The play is actually about a group of survivors gather together after a post apocalyptic event and begin to attempt to recount the episode “Cape Feare” of the television show The Simpsons.


When I sat down to actually watch the performance I was immediately confused by what was happening. And this is strictly because of some pretty bad acting and not a great execution of the “post apocalyptic” part of the play.


There were moments when I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next. Everything just seemed random. The way in which the performers when about their line was as if they did not know what was going to happen next. The lines were just pushed out into the audience and were kind of left there. Trying to cling on to dear life but then dying slowly. It was mess. The set was tastefully done though.


I do not like the idea of giving out spoilers but I simply could not even give them to you if I tried. It was that bad. Within the first scene, the audience and myself found ourselves sitting there bored and very tired because it lasted 45 minutes. Yes, I said. Forty. Five. Minutes. I found myself watching the clock more than I watched the actual stage.

The show did pick up, however, in the second act when the story was put in a somewhat more lighter note. There was a mini choreographed with some pop music but I found myself cringing a little bit. Don’t get me wrong. I love when people just randomly burst out into song and dance but when it is half-assed then it just blows.


As for the third act, I don’t know how to describe the truly horrifying moment. At this point, the cast has gone haywire and they were literally wearing the skin of Simpson characters. I cried. From absolute fear.

All in all, I give this play a solid 5. It was halfway there to decent. Better luck next time.

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