Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day will be here in a few weeks, which means this is crunch time. A lot of times, it seems impossible to find the perfect gift for your mother. Honestly, all she really wants is to spend time with you - especially if you’ve been away at college, abroad, or wherever. Here is a list of a few ways to help make your mother’s Mother’s Day special!

1. Sip and Paint

Sip and Paints are all the rage these days, so why not make it a fun day with mom. Find a nice sip and paint business, drink some wine, and paint a pretty picture. There are hundreds all over the U.S., so there’s sure to be at least two somewhere near you. For most businesses, they have a calendar for you to look up what pictures they’ll be painting on the different days and who’s teaching. Perfect for a little get together with the woman that gave you life!

2. Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch/Dinner Date

Who doesn't love food, amiright? Make a date with your mother to just hang out at a restaurant, or at home where you can cook your meal together, and catch-up. Talk about how your life is going so far and what’s happening, then let them be “mom” and gush all over you and your plans. With this idea, you get to spend the day with mom and a confidence boost!

3. Spa Day

Spas are the perfect way to relax and recuperate your tired bones and spirit. Moms are some of the most overworked people on this planet - but they love so much that they often don’t think about taking a day off. Here’s your chance to get her out of the house for a little her time, away from worrying about the family. It’s time you both got pampered like the queens (and kings - for the men out there) that your are.

4. ​Movie Marathon

Everyone has that movie channel or that saga that they love to watch with their parents. Those sappy love stories that everyone loves to watch on Hallmark or Lifetime run 24/7. Or you can just pick out some of your faves and theirs, pop some popcorn, get some drinks flowing and let the movies run.

5. Tickets to her favorite show

Live TV shows often have those Mother’s Day special episodes every year and the tickets are usually free. If you can, try to get tickets to whatever show she loves to watch and surprise her with the tickets. Take her on a “road trip” and arrive at the show. She will be so happy that she just may cry - tears of joy, people. (This would also be a great gift to hold over a siblings head, if your both the competitive type.)

6. Shopping Spree

Not to stereotype, I know this isn’t everyone's favorite thing, but shopping is a woman’s pastime. When you shop with men, they never really take their time and look around. They go to the store/mall, get what they have to and leave. Shopping with your girls, as well as your mom, is so much easier because you understand each other. It’s better when you can take your time, browse, and ask each other for their opinion. Maybe you can surprise your mom with a new outfit.

7. Gardening

Again, this one isn’t for everybody, but if you have the type of mom that loves the outdoors and gardening then this one is for you. My suggestion is that you go to Home Depot or Lowe’s or a store like them, pick out some flowers, and help your mom plant them. It’s a good way to connect with her because you end up talking about life and such things. Plus, to see those flowers spring back up every year, if you buy that kind of flower/plant, it’s a bit heartwarming.

8. Vision Board

Lastly, create a vision board with your mom. You can do separate ones and then show them off to each other. (It’s never too late to accomplish something.) Then, you both can create a vision board together. Make a vision board of a road trip you’d like to take with her or a vacation to a place you both want to travel to.

Whatever you decide to do with her, it’s sure to be everything she could have hoped for….because you’re there and to her, you will always be her baby!