The Good Doctor

With season 1 of The Good Doctor recently returning to ABC, I thought I’d give a brief overview of the popular new drama.

There are a ton of medical shows out there, but I think The Good Doctor sets itself apart from the rest. The hit series involves a young surgical resident, Shaun Murphy, who has autism. Shaun was very close with his brother growing up and the show touches on their relationship throughout the years. Shaun’s brother ended up passing away when he was a kid, leaving Shaun feeling responsible for his death. Murphy was raised by a man named Aaron Glassman, who happens to be the president of a prestigious hospital in San Jose.

Glassman helped get Murphy a job at the hospital and throughout the season, you see how much Shaun grows as a surgeon and a character. His colleagues are apprehensive at first about his role in the hospital, but over time they warm up to Shaun and realize that he is brilliant and brings something to the table that no one else can.  

The exceptional actor Freddie Highmore, who you may know from the series Bates Motel, plays the role of Shaun Murphy. I think Highmore does an outstanding job of portraying a character with autism. I like how this show chooses a character who is different, could even be seen as weaker than others, and shows that he can succeed and excel in his career. It is the message that The Good Doctor portrays that sets it apart from other medical shows.