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Finals Week Told by Friends

We all know that dreadful week is approaching, so I thought I’d make it a little less dreadful by having the cast of Friends share how we all feel.

1. When your professor tells you your final is going to be cumulative and you decide to be dramatic, acting like you didn’t know about this since the beginning of the semester.

2. When your mom calls to check in on you and asks you how studying is going.

3. When you’re so over studying and completely physically and mentally exhausted.

4. After spending countless hours in the library and you just want to give up, but your inner self tries to give you an extra nudge.

5. When you get to the final, and there are over 5 “select all that apply” questions…nursing majors, you know what I’m talking about!

6. When you see questions on the exam that you’re pretty positive have never been discussed before.

7. When you get out of the final and realize you probably didn’t do so hot, but still wanna live with #noregrets.

8. When there’s that student in the class who brags about how they thought the exam was so easy and think they did well.

9. When you get all your grades back and get that one A out of all the finals you took!

Well, there ya have it… Happy Studying!!

Junior Nursing Major at YCP
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